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The More You Know, the Less You Want to Know

(aka “The News Keeps Getting Brighter and Brighter.”)

sigh.. okay folks. Be aware:

* Traveling to US? Agencies want to Spy on your Social Media activities right from Airport

Hey! Welcome to the United States. May we have your Twitter handle, please? That’s exactly what you’ll likely be asked by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the airport prior to entering U.S. soil. Yes, your Twitter handle may soon be part of the US Visa process as U.S. Customs and Border … ” Read More..

Of course, that’s just par for our course. And so is this:

* Dozens of Malicious Apps on Play Store can Root & Hack 90% of Android Devices

It’s not at all surprising that the Google Play Store is surrounded by a large number of malicious apps that has the ability to gain users’ attention into falling victim for one, but this time, it is even worse than most people realize. Researchers at Trend Micro have detected a family of …Read more..

* * *

Today’s quote:I’m not advocating we should all be back in the kitchen and cooking all the time, because life’s too short and we’ve got more interesting things to do. But to rediscover the intense pleasure of making a cake and putting it down on the table is ridiculously satisfying, out of all proportion to the work.” ~ Jane Asher

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