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Just now, Hotmail (oops, I mean Outlook) changed!!

Microsoft just now did one of those things I just simple H-A-T-E! They “modernized” the user interface (no doubt to make it more compatible with ‘mobile devices’) and changed the look of my Inbox.

Thanks a lot Microsoft! Don’t you know we users detest this crap?

Didn’t you learn from the kickback you received from Office’s “Ribbon”? Or Windows 8?

Crap man. At least offer a setting that says, “No thanks. Leave my Inbox the *&^% alone.”

And now to send an email, I have to learn where you moved the buttons and thingies.. Just how I wanted to spend my time! (Not good to change the “insert inline image” to a seperate command button..)

NO. I am not going to start using One Drive just because you always default point to it. Or put shortcuts – for me – to it.


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  1. Totally agree with this rant. I’m tired of making relearning Microsoft products my full time job… Stop changing sh$&t, and work on making the current crap you put out work!


    Comment by Mavis lee | July 15, 2016 | Reply

    • Mavis lee,
      They seem to be trying to get us to move our stuff into “the cloud” (in MS’s case, “One Drive”), and move us to ‘subscription services’. Both of these methodologies I refuse to participate in. IMHO, all of us should resist.

      But UI changes are .. well.. they give the bright young programmers something to do to earn their salaries.


      Comment by techpaul | July 16, 2016 | Reply

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