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And once again it’s Monday!

Yippee yahoo.

* Many people have reported to me that their New Year has started out right, and good things are happening for them. I really like hearing things like that, especially in these times (and economic climes). I sure hope we’re in a “turnaround”, in general, and that you – specifically – have great things happen in 2013. (Mine is starting out right.)

* I recently ran a poll, asking if any pet owner had had their lost pet returned thanks to a microchip implant.
Now, I have to say that, I don’t want to open a whole can of worms, or start a debate over the idea of electronic implants — or what that might mean when they start doing it to humans… That isn’t why I asked the question in the poll, so let’s agree, and not ‘go there’.

smileI will say that several readers responded with a “yes”. And that I found that slightly surprising. I had some doubts as to Real Life efficacy, I confess. When I thought about those (“yes”) pet owners, I was reminded of those Visa commercials:
Silicon chip – $1.29
Trip to vet – $39
The return of the lost family pet – priceless.

(And to those who answered “no”.. well, I don’t know what to say except that you have my sincere sympathies.)

* Saw a good read this morning by Ed Bott. Have to confess I like the comments better than the article, though, as, for one thing, David Pogue weighed in.. To touch or not to touch: That is the Windows 8 question

The next time someone complains that Windows 8 touchscreens give you “gorilla arm,” you have my permission to stomp on them like that ape in the old American Tourister commercials. The reality is that touchscreens work great on modern laptops, and you might even be able to retrofit touch support on your old trackpad.Read more..

* I enjoyed the football games yesterday. And I am still sticking to the Packers 49ers as my Super Bowl pick.
It felt weird to know that Ray Lewis isn’t coming back next year.. Will their still be a Ravens?
(And I’m going to have to check the latest on RG3’s knee… Ray Lewis’ heroic effort pays off; Robert Griffin III’s does not)

* Tech Tip: 10 things to try when applications won’t work with Windows 8

If you have problems getting an app to run on Windows 8, all’s not lost. One of these strategies or workarounds may get the application running.” Read more..

* In the news:

* Latest IE attacks connected to espionage group

Symantec has linked exploits that leverage a new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer to the group responsible for a spate of recent espionage attacks.Read more..

* Also.. there’s a version of Ubuntu for smartphones now.. but who cares?

* Break in at Microsoft’s research office sees only iPads stolen

According to a report in a Palo Alto newspaper, a break in took place at Microsoft’s office in Mountain View and the only things that were taken from the property were iPads.” Read more..

* 2013: The year Gigabit Wi-Fi arrives

No more idle chit-chat, Gigabit Wi-Fi, thanks to 802.11ac, is on its way to your home and corporate networks.Read more..

* Today’s quote:Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.” ~ Unknown

[I don’t know about tools so much.. but if you change that to “screw” or “nut”.. yeah! {Also, the ‘common’ bolts don’t vanish, but the one-of-a-kind specialty ones sure do..}]

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