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This Week’s Items of Interest

Here are a few items for your consideration.

* How Ordinary Skills Led to an Extraordinary Life for ‘Dilbert’ Creator

While there is a continuous stream of articles toting the amazing qualities of entrepreneurs, the secret traits of successful people and tricks for making it to the top, Scott Adams, the creator of award-winning comic series Dilbert, thinks it’s hogwash.Read more..

* The First 100% Free Mobile Phone Service

If you’re shackled by an unwieldy wireless plan that’s costing you an arm and a leg each month – FreedomPop is here to change all that. Unlimited voice, text, and 500MB of data on a 4G network is unheard of – but how can you make history if you don’t break boundaries?Read more..

Massive German hack sees one fifth of population’s passwords stolen

The passwords and other details of 16 million email users in Germany have been stolen- the equivalent of almost a fifth of the German population being at risk.Read more..

A few security lessons from the Target breach

The Target breach points out some facts of life on the Web: We’re all targets (pun intended) of cyber thieves.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves. Here’s how to protect yourself from the next big breach.Read more..

* Can a Tweet Put You in Prison? It Certainly Will in the UK

Tweeting racist or otherwise libelous bile can land you in jail in the UK, but the victim, as ever, is not the target of the tweet but free speech.Read more..

* Where can you still find a PC running Windows 7?

If you want a PC running Windows 7, where do you look? Skip your local office superstore or big-box retailer and go where the business buyers go. In those channels, you’ll find that Windows 7 never went away. In fact, it’s not just alive, it’s thriving.Read more..

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Today’s quote:It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” ~ Mark Twain

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