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From the Consumer Electronics Show..

CRN’s CES 2012 Coverage

CES 2012

CES 2012, the largest tech show in the U.S., highlights the consumerization of IT and is a hot bed for the introduction of new smartphones, notebooks and other tech gadgets. CES also serves up keynotes from a range of big name IT executives, with Steve Ballmer, Ursula Burns and Paul Otellini all speaking at this year’s event.

CRN is on hand at CES 2012, bringing up-to-the-minute coverage of the biggest keynotes and providing an exclusive look at our favorite tablet PCs, ultrabooks, new cloud technologies and everything else from the show floor.

CES 2012

15 Mind-Blowing HDTVs From The CES 2012 Show Floor

HDTVs are typically one of the most amazing parts about CES and this year was no exception, as all the usual suspects — Panasonic, LG and Samsung — were represented.

Solution Providers: Intel Smartphones, “Wintel” Here To Stay

Intel has announced an alliance with Motorola as it prepares to enter the smartphone and tablet space for the first time ever. Intel’s new mobile strategy doesn’t signify the demise of “Wintel,” though, solution providers said.

CES 2012

New Storage Devices Come To Light At CES 2012, Storage Visions

While the buzz in Las Vegas was focused on tablets, TVs, and smart mobile devices, there was plenty to see at CES 2012 for anyone looking for the latest storage innovations.

ViewSonic Undercuts Android Tablet Market With $170 ViewPad E70

ViewSonic also introduced two more 10-inch tablets: the ViewPad 10e and the ViewPad 10pi.

SAP CIO: It’s Always Bring Your Smartphone To Work Day

In an interview at CES, Oliver Bussman explains why SAP gave the green light to personal iPhones, iPads and Samsung Android-based devices in the corporate environment.

CES 2012

Ballmer Touts Windows 8, Phone In Microsoft’s CES Farewell

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in the company’s CES farewell, sticks to his knitting by focusing on progress with key products like Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

CES: Cisco Says Videoscape Platform Still Top Priority

Despite Cisco’s struggles in 2011, its Videoscape digital television and social media platform is still an important strategic platform for service providers.

CES 2012

10 Hot Items From CES 2012 Opening Night

CRN provides a look at 10 items that caught our eye on opening night of CES 2012.

D-Link, Netgear Join CES Cloud Services Fray

Cloud services continued to dominate CES 2012, with home and SMB networking players D-Link and Netgear pledging allegiance to the cloud with new services.

CES: LG Set To Launch VMware-Equipped Smartphones

LG says its carrier partners are getting ready to launch the first smartphones loaded with Horizon Mobile, a VMware virtualization technology that tackles consumerization issues.

CES 2012

25 Must-See Products At CES 2012

It’s that time of year again. Here are 25 hot items on tap for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2012

Seven Scintillating Ultrabooks From CES 2012

Las Vegas was full of Ultrabooks. Here’s a look at seven standout models from CES 2012.

It’s Personal: 10 CES 2012 Products That Showcase The Individual

CES isn’t just about gadgets: This year, there were many products that showcase individual style and the personalization trend. Here are 10 examples from the show floor.

Intel Signs Mobile Alliance With Motorola, Throws Support Behind Android

Intel’s alliance with Motorola shows the chip maker is throwing its weight behind Android — not Windows — in the smartphone and tablet markets.

CES 2012

CES: Seagate Teams With Verizon On 4G Wireless Mobile Hard Drive

Seagate and Verizon unveil what the two are calling the world’s first 4G mobile wireless storage device.

Report: Dell Plots Its Entry Into Consumer Tablet Space

Dell is reportedly making plans to launch a consumer-focused tablet later this year, according to reports.

CES: HP Unveils ENVY 14 Spectre ‘Premium Consumer’ Ultrabook

HP put its stake in the ground in the premium consumer Ultrabook market with the unveiling at CES of its HP ENVY 14 Spectre, which is slated to ship on February 8 with a starting list price of $1,399.

CES 2012

10 Weird, Wacky And Wonderful Things To See At CES 2012

CRN takes a look at the weirdest, wackiest, and intriguing products and events happening at this year’s CES.

Samsung Launches 7.7-Inch Tablet, Notebooks, Ultrabooks

Samsung is expanding its smartphone portfolio with the Galaxy Note, which features a 5.3-inch, high definition, Super AMOLED display and will run on AT&T’s LTE network.

CES 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Combines Ultrabooks With Tablets

What do you get when you mix an Ultrabook with a Windows 8 tablet? Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga.

CES: Lenovo Brings New Tablet, Ultrabook, All-In-One Offerings

Lenovo gets busy at CES, rolling out the IdeaTab S2 10-inch tablet, IdeaPad U310 and U410 Ultrabooks and IdeaCentre B540 and B340 All-In-One PCs.

CES: Acer, Lenovo Vie For Piece Of The Cloud

Cloud services take center stage early at CES as Acer and Lenovo each come out swinging with new integrated cloud plays.

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TuneUp Utilities 2012 Giveaway (+Miscellany)

Hard to believe it is Thursday already.. Let’s see what is going on in the world, shall we?

Facebook says 600,000 account logins compromised EVERY DAY

“Facebook said this week that hackers using stolen username and password credentials try to break into at least 600,000 accounts every day on the mammoth social networking site.” Read more..

(The capitalization in the title was mine. There’s pirates in these waters.. be careful folks.)

• It seems it is not too early to start shopping.. or start thinking about shopping, for the coming holiday season. For those of you who might be in need of some gift ideas, Amazon has a helpful list of Top Picks…

Here’s one everybody should read.. (even us savvy types.)

The thousand-dollar penalty for reusing passwords

You can find no end of advice on creating strong passwords, using clever tricks, stats, mnemonics, and such.

But all too frequently we (and I include myself in this rebuke) tend to reuse little passwords at what we think are inconsequential sites. It’s a big mistake — here’s why.” Read more..

• My giveaway of TuneUp Utilities 2012 closes at midnight (Pacific) tonight. For the 4-1-1, click here.

Turn Your Photos Into Something Awesome with iPiccy Photo Tools

There is quite a lineup of online image editors these days, but there is one I bet you have not tried..Read more..

Amazon’s latest Prime gambit: Kindle book lending

The Kindle lending program may just be one part of the kitchen sink Amazon plans to toss into its Prime subscription service.Read more..

(For the more advanced…)
• Duqu: father, son, or unholy ghost of Stuxnet?

“Three U.S. Air Force information security experts, independent of their role in the military, studied the Duqu trojan, and you might be surprised by what they found. This is the first article in a two-part series that examines the sophisticated threat that everyone is talking about.Read more..

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