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Despite the sunshine that greeted me, I am in kind of a sour mood this morning.

Actually.. my “sourness” has been building up. I am “sour” because, after years of use, my main email account now receives SO MUCH spam (“Junk”) I am considering dropping it, and starting fresh — which is a pain. In fact, I am getting so sour.. I think the world is over-populated. By 16 *people*, at least…

Fact: 90% (or more) of all the traffic on the Internet – at any given moment – is spam. Plenty of experts will tell you 95%. (I would say that makes the Internet 90% broken.)

Fact 2: Most spam is sent by criminals who have infected our machines, and are using them in a botnet.

Because this website is Rated E (suitable for “everyone”), I will refrain from describing my opinion of anyone who would think it a good use of their time to compose a message, such as these, and then mass mail it.. nor describe my cure for over-population. Instead..

I want to know what you think

Today’s reading reco: Stop being duped by the 3D scam

“The entertainment and electronics industries keep trying to push 3D on consumers, even though a lot of smart people have caught on to the fact that it’s scam. It’s time to stop the madness.” Read more…

Please: Don’t worry about me or my mood. I have a trick for curing “sourness”.
I form a mental picture.. and it works every time…

.. and then I turn on a really “rockin” music video..


The weekend is (almost) here! The weekend is (almost) here!

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April 22, 2011 Posted by | Internet, spam and junk mail, tech | | 2 Comments