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Google-hoo — a world run by ad revenue

The headline reads “Google and Yahoo team up on search ads”, but it really isn’t a partnership. Yahoo has sold a large percentage of its ad space to Google for hard cold cash.. and become a puppet.
Now, GoogleAds will appear on the #1 and #2 most popular search engines.

In my prior writings, I have made reference to “GigantiCorp”, which is meant to invoke images of a mega-company and trigger concern about a monopoly. Sadly, most people thought I was referring to Microsoft… or maybe Wal-Mart.
For a very long time now, Microsoft has been perceived of as being in monopoly control of the tech industry, and that Bill Gates ran the world. Microsoft has been sued under anti-Trust laws.

And then came Google.

Folks, if you think Google is just a place you go to look up websites, well.. you just aren’t paying attention. Google is into everything “tech”, and is a monster just as big as Microsoft (bigger?), and a battle is being waged between the two giants. A tech/economic version of Risk™ (or, Rock’m Sock’m Robots?).

Poor little Yahoo recently declined a take-over bid from Microsoft ($44.6 billion was insufficiently lucrative [yes, that’s a “b”]) and has now climbed into bed with the other giant.

That’s how you do it in today’s world.

You create some little tech doohickie that people like and use– like YouTube — and then sell out to one of the giants.

I wonder; do they even teach about monopoly-ism and Anti-Trust in the schools any more? Seems to me we had a little problem with that once before in our history… but, now it’s global. Hmmm.

A more detail analysis, posted on C/Net, can be read here.

Attention Google and Microsoft: I love you guys! You’re the greatest! Keep up the good work!
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