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Friday Fun (And More) At The End Of May

This week has been a rather busy one at my shop, and I have not had time to write new articles. Fortunately, tech blogger (and friend) Rick Robinette is always posting something interesting, and I can use him as a “sub” — I am sure you can find an interesting topic (and get your ‘tech tip fix’) from this list of his recent articles…

“..I did experience a TV Screen Size issue, in the Windows Media Center, where the TV display aspect ratio was locked into the 4:3 (square display) mode and would not let me change it to the 16:9 (widescreen display) mode.”

My “go to” online internet radio source is RadioTuna. It has been my favorite for nearly a year and half…”

Have you ever noticed that when you go to print out a web page, what you see is not what you always get? “

Recently I was looking for a way to autohide the bookmark bar in the Google Chrome Browser.

Hopefully you are already familiar with Rick’s website; but if you are not, do yourself a favor and click a link and take a look. He is one of my few remaining “daily reads”.

Elephant Is Bigger Than The Moon: Did you hear about Kathy Evans on the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Supposedly the dumbest human ever, right?

Hate to tell you, but that email is a hoax (see this Snopes article) as are most “forwarded” emails. But, apparently enough people believe this one.. I am kind of glad it isn’t true… ‘cuz if it was? What would that say about the American public education system?
Oh. Yeah. The same thing everyone’s been saying for decades…
* The key to successful lying – put as much truth in the lie as possible.

Today’s quotable quote:Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.  ~ Henry Ford

Today’s fun video:

Kind of made me wonder about the “news commentators”… but they are being paid to talk..

Bonus reading reco: Android apps to get the summer party started

A good way to have a good summer season is by using smartphone apps to help make the best of those fun times. Here are some good Android apps to get the summer party started.

A pretty picture..


I am going to be slaving away this whole weekend, but I hope you all have a good (leisurely) one!

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iTunes Album Art

I was helping a young man with his computer this morning, and he wanted to show me something he thought was “kewel” and that he was obviously proud of. So I said, “OK. Show me.itunes screenshot

It turned out that what he wanted to ‘Show & Tell’ was his iTunes, and how he had managed to acquire the “album art” for (practically) every entry in his very extensive music collection.

Now, I have to tell you that old Tech Paul is not “into” music enough these days to clutter up my hard drive with songs (and I won’t install iTunes on my PC’s for security reasons) but in my younger years I was very into my audio.. so I could understand this fella’s enthusiasm.

He explained that iTunes is only “so so” at getting album art, and he talked about his efforts he had gone through to find the art for the more esoteric titles in his collection. I told him that sounded like a lot of work..

He confirmed that it was. And then he told me about how he had paid $30 for a “lifetime” tool that did the work for him, and did an “excellent” job. He was quite enthusiastic, so I’ll pass along his reco’ — it’s called TuneUp. You can click here to visit the website and watch the Flash video demonstration, and/or download.
There is a free version, but it is limited.

TuneUp does more than just find album art, it cleans up your tags, and works to fix your “Unknown Artists”, “Track 01s”, or the same artist labeled multiple different ways.

Today’s free download: I also found AlbumArtFinder for iTunes, which I haven’t tested out.
AlbumArtFinder for iTunes – images for all the songs in an iTunes library show up on iPod Photo. Uses the web service to automatically search for the largest image for any given album. Option to use smaller versions of images.

Perhaps my more savvy readers will share some iTunes tips in my Comments… as this is really “not my cup of tea”.

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