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Meet The Modern Bank Robber (Mastermind)

Folks, “viruses” and “hackers” – as the media has dubbed them, are more accurately called “malware” and “criminals”, and despite portrayal as “gifted kids”, are all about stealing our money. Cybercrime nets the bad guys over a $100 Billion (with a “B”) each year.. that we know about.

Here is a picture of a cybercriminal “mastermind”.

Photo: Arrested 'Happy Hacker' is the ZeuS Botnet Mastermind

Photo: Arrested ‘Happy Hacker’ is the ZeuS Botnet Mastermind

And, yes. Zeus was a bad one. (See,

* Alleged Zeus botnet master nabbed in Bangkok

An Algerian hacker arrested in Thailand on 6 January is the master of a botnet that stole $100 million (£62 million) from banks worldwide, it is claimed.

Dubbed the ‘Happy Hacker’ because of his smiling appearance, 24-year-old computer sciences graduate Hamza Bendelladj was arrested in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, following a tip-off from the FBI.Read more..

If you have never heard of the “cyber mafia”, or are unaware of the undeclared “cyber warfare” that is going on, well, they say ignorance is bliss. But please be aware that we are in (at least) the 5th year of the “largest transfer of wealth by theft in history” ¹. (And clowns like this guy are just one factor.)

You really do need an (up-to-date) “antivirus” on all your Internet-connect devices, and you should learn about Internet safety and security. These bad guys are way ahead of the good guys. We are only beginning to wake up to how insecure our “databases” and “infrastructure” really are.

I hope you will take the time to learn, share what you’ve learned, and do your best to try to not become a victim of cybercrime.. (And for some of you, that means not become a victim of cybercrime again, as the number of victims is already staggering.)


.. I suppose if I had $100 million squirreled away at age 24, I’d be smiling too.. maybe.

Interesting listening? (Reader submitted): Is technology making us lonelier? Listen

“Would we be better off if we disconnected from our devices and re-connected with real-world human beings? Or do you feel more connected than ever before?

In The Big Disconnect: The story of technology and loneliness, Vancouver writer Giles Slade argues that technological developments are a big part of why we’re increasingly isolated because the quality of online relationships can’t replace the value face-to-face contact, while authors argue that our smart phones and social media if anything make us more interpersonally connected.

What do you think?” Listen

Thank you, Dear Reader, for bringing that ‘podcast’ to my attention.

Bonus reading: Prosecutors Blamed for Aaron Swartz Suicide

Friends and allies of Aaron Swartz charge that overzealous prosecutors and draconian intellectual property laws drove the promising young hacker to take his own life on Friday.
Read more..

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Sex Sex Sex and More Sex. And, Teens.

Folk’s, every now and again I come across an article on the Web that I feel my readers should see.

Sexting – A Real Problem or An Overreaction?

Sex and the CityAccording to sexologists, anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists, a common denominator amongst humans is the degree to which they think of sex…

Sex and tech, it seems, have come together, (the pun is not intended), and that has generated a Pandora’s box of problems and issues that need to be resolved socially, legally, and I suspect for some; morally…

One of these  problematic issues, is the issue of sex, tech and teens; more precisely – teenaged sexting.
Please click here to read this terrific article. (It will open in a new tab.) Since here in the US, teens are being arrested for sexting under Pedophile Laws…

Today’s free link(s):
For the media’s spin, watch GMA — Let’s Talk About Sexting.
Teens caught ‘sexting’ face porn charges — USA Today.

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