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Review: Best Internet Security Suites 2016

Folks, the guy I trust has published his product reviews for the all-important software category of Internet Security for 2016.

* Stay Safe With a Security Suite

Using your computer for games and social media is fun; keeping it safe isn’t. A security suite can be your one-stop solution. We’ve tested almost four dozen of them, and these 10 get our highest recommendation.Read more..

I cannot say often or fervently enough that one simply must do everything they can to protect themselves from the scumbuckets and nation-states who have ruined the Internet. It is a most dangerous place. Far worse than we can know. Do what you can!

(And that title should say “safer”, not “safe”. No product is bulletproof.)(And no product protects you from you. Careful what you click!)

* * *

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Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

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What Security Products Should I Use?

Finding The Best For You

I am constantly asked for my recommendation on what is the “best” antivirus, or “most effective” anti-Spyware, and, “which security suite should I buy?” Who has the best firewall? Makes sense: I am a Tech, as well as a World Renown Tech Blogger. (ahem)

I have posted my advice here several times (use the “Search” tool) over the course of 1,000+ Tech – for Everyone articles. I also have published a list, including links, of free AV’s (click here) and AS’s (click here).

But my advice has been pretty general.

There’s a reason for that –> you. I don’t know you. I do not know your Geek skilz level. I do not know if you are a pirating/Bit Torrenting maniac. I don’t know if you’re still on Windows ME and all you do is e-mail, or if you are on Windows 7 64-bit and you have a Run as command prompt shortcut in your QuickLaunch… or are somewhere in between.
Do you watch porn?

Needless to say, different people have different security needs. How you answer the questions above will have a huge impact on how I would advise you. Fortunately, I have found an answer —  Gizmo’s Security Advice Wizard. And I have added it to my Blogroll.

Gizmo’s Security Advice Wizard asks you a series of questions, analyzes your answers, and then provides you with a customized, personal recommendation — a complete recommendation — including download links. Bottom line? I have run through the Wizard several times, as various types of users, and each time the recommendations the Wizard provided was spot on with how I would answer. Great minds really do think alike.

gizmo's logo I enthusiastically endorse Gizmo’s Security Advice Wizard and encourage you to go there and give it a try. Odds are good you will learn something. The folks there at Gizmo’s freeeware get a tip of my geek hat, and my thanks for going through the effort of creating this wonderful advisor “wizard”.

Today’s free link: Gizmo’s Security Advice Wizard
This Wizard has been designed to help you select the best free security software for your PC based on the version of Windows that you use, your technical computer skills and your general level of security risk.

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