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Bionic Eye Attempts to Restore Vision

“A bionic eye prototype developed by researchers in Australia aims to implant an array of electrodes in the eye that can deliver electrical impulses directly to neurons in the retina.

The group, called Bionic Vision Australia, has developed a device called the wide-view neurostimulator for patients suffering from degenerative vision loss.

It is really designed to give people back their mobility so they can move around their environment and avoid obstacles,” says Anthony Burkitt, research director of Bionic Vision Australia. “We are also working on a second-generation product that will help people recognize faces and read large print.”  Read the whole article here.

Yes.. the idea of “bionic” implants is the sort of stuff science fiction writers have been playing with for years. And implanting tech in our bodies does raise some “slippery slope” concerns, worthy of some lively debate. But, don’t doubt, we are now at the stage of Man’s development where “micro” surgical techniques are sufficiently developed, and the technology sufficiently “miniaturized”, that science fiction like this is becoming our reality. Sure, this is only a 1st Gen prototype, but…

Yes.. I have some concerns. But, helping a blind “vision-challenged” person “see” — what could possibly be wrong with that?

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