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Quick update: Earthquake

I have received several inquiries (and I thank you for that) and so I thought I would take a quick minute to let readers know that the Bay Area earthquake was a good distance north of me, and had no effect, here, other than to rattle my doors and windows just enough to wake me up.

Those interested in more coverage of the earthquake, the latest ContinuousNegativeNews (aka “CNN”) report is here, California earthquake: Bay Area picks up pieces after strongest quake in 25 years.

(Has it really been 25 years since Loma Prieta??? Wow. Boggles my mind.)

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More Good News For California – Amazon Drops Us

To call it an ignorant and short-sighted move is an understatement so massive, it’s frightening.

For you thinkers out there, a ‘must read’: Amazon Drops California In Growing E-Commerce Affiliate Tax Law War

“In the ongoing state-by-state battle over tax collection on affiliate website sales, this afternoon Amazon warned thousands of affiliates their revenue streams would be shut off if a tax bill would be signed into law. Mere hours later, Governor Jerry Brown signed ABx1 28 into law, signifying tough times ahead for many online business owners.” Read more..

This is just a symptom folks, the disease (bankruptcy) is much scarier. Please read the whole article.. and have your thinking caps on..

Today’s free download: If you are hooked on both your Outlook and Twitter accounts, you can use the two together to become more efficient with you communications. There is an TwInbox add-on for Outlook that allows you to send and receive messages, update your Twitter status, receive friend updates, check messages, assign categories to messages, shorten URLs with TinyURL and archive/search your messages.

Today’s quote:Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.”  ~ Jonatan Mårtensson

Making the world a better place department: If you believe all those speed limit signs are set just way too fast, and you are going to go a nice, safe, 10 miles per hour under what they say.. Or perhaps you retired and so every day is a Sunday to you (perpetual Sunday Driver).. Don’t ever drive again. You are causing accidents, I guaranty. (Show this to the guilty you know.)

How ’bout some fun – it’s Summertime:

Also: For those of you who remember me talking about Genie Timeline (backup software), you may want to be aware they are having a 4th of July sale.. 4th of July 2011 50% OFF everything.

Last day of June already…

Also #2: Expect more massively ignorant and short-sighted moves. It’s SOP/”Situation: Normal” on planet earth. (More so in CA.)

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Changes in California, coming to you soon

California has the distinct reputation of being a legal trendsetter. We pass laws here that no one else would even consider– and then those laws spread to other states whose High Mucketty-mucks say, “they got away with it in California, why not here?”
Before too long, it finds its way to your state.

Today, a law (passed earlier) comes into effect here in CA that will surely dig some hard-earned cash out of its citizens’ pockets and get it back into the Govt’s hands.. where it can do some good.. like maybe buy some time before insolvency. (California totters on bankruptcy, folks.)
That law is the Hands Free Cellphone Law.

As of today, you cannot use an ordinary, everyday cellphone while driving your car– you must use some device which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. Those folks under 18 can’t use a cell at all. (And yes, it is one more excuse for them to pull you over: suspicion of violating the new law.)

Of course, sales of bluetooth earpieces is skyrocketing, and the motive for the law is to save lives– some hired “expert” estimated 300 per year. This is what is known as a “win-win” (increase sales and save lives–wow!!!) but is actually a win-win-win.. if you like police states.

But.. this new law won’t save any lives.. as this LA Times article points out. It isn’t where your hands are.. it’s where your head is at.
What would is if all the people out there focused on their driving and didn’t make telephone calls while cruising our roads. I don’t. And I manage.

But how are you going to put that genie back into its bottle?

And why the especially strict under 18? Was some lawmaker P.O.‘ed at his kid the day they wrote it?
Aitch-ee-double toothpicks in a handbasket.

[note: I don’t know how many folks drive while blabbing where you live, but this new law is going to affect everyone in CA.. except me.]

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