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Dream Machine

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (#2)

I was cleaning out a drawer the other day, and – down at the bottom, in the back, I found this sales brochure. When I saw it, two words popped into my mind: “dream machine“.

Dell sales brochure, 1997

Yes. I said “dream machine”.

My P-II was only a 233. And RAM was so expensive, going from my 32 MB’s all the way to 64 was only a young(er) man’s fantasy.

And I would never have to delete files to make room on my hard drive.. who could fill a whopping 6.4 Gigs?

[a brief aside: An interesting (to me anyway) side note.. looking at the date – the end of 1997, and doing some quick math, 13 years. Makes me marvel at how time seems to be compressing. When I talk with older folks, they tell me 13 years is not all that long. When I talk with younger folks, they think 13 years is forever. Whichever. 1997 was long before the “Y2K bug” and the World Trade Center attack.. and so it surely qualifies as Ancient History. (Sigh)]

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(It’s OK. You can admit it. Looking at that changed your attitude about the price of a new computer.. didn’t it? Did for me. I had forgotten…)

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