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Windows 7 Control Panel – Regain the “Classic View” | Tips for better Searching

One of the first “personalizations” I make to a new PC is switch the Control Panel from categorized tasks to the more detailed (and familiar to XP users) “Classic View”.

In Windows Vista, Microsoft provided an easy method for doing that – a click-able option there in the upper left.

Windows 7 there is no click-able option to use. In Windows 7, you have to use a different approach to revert, and switch back to Classic View.

1) Open the Control Panel (Start button > Control Panel)
2) Look to the upper right, and click on the drop-down arrow by View by: and change it to “Small icons”.


That’s it! You’re done. Your Control Panel will now be much more familiar looking if you’ve been using Windows for a while (more “XP like”) as well as providing a more comprehensive list of the Control Panel’s options.

Orig posting: 3/31/10

(Kinda hard to fathom that Win 7 has been with us 2 years already, eh?)

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Bonus: Tips for Searching the Web learn the secrets of “power” searchers.

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