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Amazon’s New Coins – the latest E-currency?

Today I received an email from Amazon telling me they had given me 500 free “Coins”  as a ‘thank you’ for being a Kindle Fire owner. (A $5 value!)


Useful when you spend your time in the land of Elves..?

That was new to me.. I had never heard of “Amazon Coins”.. Is this the next Bitcoin?

So, I read the blurb.

What is Amazon Coins?
Amazon Coins is a new way to buy and enjoy Kindle Fire apps, games, and in-app items for less. Save up to 10% on apps and games by purchasing Amazon Coins.

Ah. “Buy”.
Why purchase Coins? (Besides “saving up to 10%”)

Where can I spend Coins?
You can spend Amazon Coins on your Kindle Fire or on Explore great Kindle Fire apps and games on the Amazon Appstore for Android.”

(To see the Amazon product page, click here.)

Oh, how super-neato keen.

I can’t wait to buy a whole huge stockpile of Amazon Pennies!!!  Um, I meant “Coins”.

Is it just me, or is this just giftcards for timewaster games for kids (the overwhelming majority of Android “apps”)?

Yippee yahoo.

titanic_sinkingWhile I guess I am pleased with a free $5 giftcard ( now I can buy Angry Birds Star Wars Edition!!! ) … I still have to wonder whose idea was this, anyway? Did they go to college to learn to come up with ideas marketing strategies like this? ( I kinda suspect this will sail about as far as the Titanic did.. but has the advantage of costing a lot more. )

.. I mean.. nobody pays for apps any more. Right? (Everything on the Internet is free.. right? Just “download it”?) Could this be a way to artificially boost “sales” and “clicks” statistics? Nah. But Amazon just “sold” one more Angry Birds Star Wars Edition
(Actually, I wouldn’t be caught with an Angry Birds. I’m not 9.)

Today’s quote:Things are never so bad they can’t be made worse.” ~ From The African Queen

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