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Some items for you thinkers out there..

* Liable to attack: Cyber insurance can help organizations cover the cost of breaches

The study found that the severity of data leakage incidents has increased over the last two years for 54 percent of the 3,500 IT professionals who responded. Fifty-two percent of those polled said the frequency of breaches also has increased over the same period. Breaches defined as “malicious” cost victim organizations $840,000 on average.” Read more..

I wonder how long it will be before “cyber insurance” is required by Law..

* And here’s (a link to) an interesting video WordPress won’t let me ’embed’: Is privacy overrated? Cyber attack in the new digital age

Wiretap Extension Will Help Crooks & Terrorists

Extending existing US wiretap laws to give federal agencies easier backdoor access to Internet communications — especially real-time P2P services like VoIP — will give, not only aid and comfort, but also technical assistance, to the country’s enemies. Not to mention cyberthieves.” Read more..

Maybe I’m jaded but, I suspect, Congress won’t “get” that..

Sorry I have to run. More later. (An $800,000+ hit is today’s cost-of-doing-business? Wow.)

* When you have a product to sell…


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