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The Tap App

(AKA “Friday Fun”) (And Cisco is in the News again..)

Loyal readers know I am not an iPerson, and that I do not own a single iGadget — so I don’t write about those wonderful apps you can download from the iStore via iTunes, and keep synced with your iCloud.

But if I cared about ratings, I would probably – sooner or later – have to produce a Top 10 Apps list, and keep you updated on the hot new apps. Just to compete with everyone else who’s doing it. Instead..

Here is a video demonstration of one app for the iPad that actually made me consider rethinking the usefulness of that iDevice. Check it out and see if you don’t agree.

And all joking aside, I should be clear: I do fix and support Apple computers and laptops in my shop.

And I looked at the latest crop of Windows Phones yesterday. They don’t suck. (But I’d hold off til the next crop.)

It’s Friday. The weekend’s almost here. It’s summer. Not a bad combo…

Another Oopsie?! Department: Cisco is in the news. Again. Hackers can break into your Cisco TelePresence sessions

Major security holes in the Cisco TelePresence product line could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code, cause a denial-of-service condition, or inject commands.

If you rely on Cisco TelePresence products for sensive business communications, you might want to stop what you are doing and pay attention..Read more..

Also: Android users give malware apps permission to rob them, express shock at the results

Android malware posing as Super Mario or Grand Theft Auto wallpaper can get on your phone and, gasp, send SMS messages to a premium-rate number. Oh no, what will we ever do?Read more..

(Too funny. But, well, since this is targeting pubescent teens.. I suspect it’ll work. [Every single solitary thing on the ‘net is aimed at pubescent teens, I am beginning to think.] Super Mario wallpaper? Yeah, I want that.)

And, also: Is Facebook damaging your reputation with sneaky political posts?

Most of us have a Facebook profile, and most of us take a haphazard approach to segregating our business and personal lives. That can cause serious headaches, thanks to a troublesome new Facebook feature.Read more..

(I have never regretted not Facebook-ing, but many times have been glad I don’t!)

Today’s quote:An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things.” ~ Bryant H. McGill

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All we really have, in the end, are our stories.
Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

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Gorilla Glass | Kewel Desktop Clock (with weather) | More

Several items have been brought to my attention recently, via reader comments and emails, which are worthy of your attention. First up, “gorilla glass”.

Are considering getting a new mobile device? One that might be dropped? Or kept in the same pocket/purse as your car keys (aka “where it might get scratched”)? Or perhaps, will be mostly in the care of a young person/child?
If so, you might want to make sure the gadget you’re considering has a screen made with “gorilla glass”.

Why do I want Corning® Gorilla® Glass on my devices?

“Scrapes, bumps, and drops are a fact of life, but Gorilla Glass enables your device to resist damage from the abuses that come with everyday use. Gorilla Glass also has strong aesthetic appeal. It’s thin, lightweight, and cool to the touch – enabling the sleekest designs.”

Clicking on the gorilla picture will take you to Corning’s gorilla glass FAQ page; and their list of vendors and products which use the tough screen glass is here. (I was pleased to discover my smart phone was listed..)

~     ~     ~

Now that Winter is coming, keeping a “weather eye” on the forecast seems a bit more.. prudent. Having it displayed on your Desktop would make that easy. I am not a fan of “weatherbug” and some of the others (I view as adware and a resource hog.. but others, including CNET give it good reviews. You can see that, and download it here), and don’t really have any good alternative suggestion for a free app (or widget) except for maybe HTC Home.

I don’t think this will give you emergency warnings of impending tornadoes, but does give the basics in an attractive way.
I hope someone will leave a comment with their fave free ‘weather widget’..

~     ~     ~

Learning By Video: Perhaps you might like to forward this to someone you know..

If so, here’s the link: (You’ll probably also want to send them Tip: Bcc Protects Private Email Addresses. Who know? Maybe.. you can FINALLY get through to them?)

Today’s free download: Are you a skim reader? It’s up above!

Today’s quote:The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” ~ Lily Tomlin

Have a good weekend, everybody! (And my thanks to those who wrote in.)

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Women and Video Games

There’s been a recent “paradigm shift” and all of a sudden women are buying video games.

wii-fitWhat happened? Wii Fit. And sales are through the roof.

Wii Fit from Nintendo was introduced in May last year, becoming the best-selling game over its first 12 months and the most successful console title designed for women. Nintendo has sold more than 7 million copies of the game, which retails for $90 with a Wii Balance Board accessory.

Other companies have jumped on the “fitness game” bandwagon. “Everyone has seen that if you put out a good fitness product, you do good business and now everyone is getting in the game,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Ubisoft. “There is going to be a lot of fitness games coming to the Wii this holiday.”*

Yes, another inroad on the path to a totally shut in society. Why go to the gym? There’s sweaty people there. Ew!

When you think of the core level of people wanting to be healthy, as long as the industry can provide a way that’s convenient, fun and cheaper, it’s staggering how big the opportunity can be,” Jordan Edelstein, vice president of marketing at EA Canada, said.

There’s a downside though. As a study in England showed, women exercising indoors have caused up to £1.3 billion in accidental damage in the last year (yes, BILLION), as they increasingly give up gym memberships and use games consoles. (See, Women injured by Nintendo Wii and home gyms)

Nordic Track And last year researchers at Leeds Teaching Hospital identified an injury they called “Wii knee”. Osteopaths have also reported they saw an increase in back patients after Christmas, blaming the trend on fathers trying to keep up with their children on the machines.

I’m not terribly worried about this “paradigm shift” though, as I am kind of a grumpy old cynic, and I’d say that in about a year’s time that Wii Fit pad will be sitting next to the Nordic Track, and StairMaster and Ex-r-Cycle, underneath Sweating To The Oldies and Jane Fonda’s Workout tapes, out in the garage.. or at the back of the closet. About as remembered as “The All-Grapefruit Diet”.

But I could be wrong. Wii Fit certainly looks like more fun than the Nordic Track!

* Quotes from SF Chronicle  Wii Fit taps into new market for video games

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