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Things Change (And Heartbleed)

The fact that “tech” has changed our lives is patently obvious. And talking with people, it’s pretty clear that the rate of that change has not always been .. a comfortable thing.
(The “Average Joe” really doesn’t understand geometric growth, and/or Moore’s Law.)

I came of age back in the days when there were only 4 – 6 television stations (which were tuned in by moving “rabbit ears” antennas); before there were ATM machines or cell phones, and a bicycle with TEN speeds was kinda a new idea, so, yeah, I know. Things change.

So the following items do not surprise me, really.

Aereo signals cloudy future for broadcast TV

Whether the New York-based streaming remote DVR service lives or dies at the hand of the Supreme Court, the future for television programming is firmly seated in the Cloud.Read more..

No more (free) over-the-air TV?

Maybe not a bad thing.. they’re called “idiot boxes” for a reason.

The price of popularity: Cloud security threats near on-premise levels

Hackers are now targeting cloud-based apps and systems almost as much as on-premise environments, particularly with so-called brute force attacks and vulnerability scans.Read more..

[The line I found most interesting.. “found that 14 percent of malware collected through the honeypots was considered “undetectable” by 51 percent of the leading antivirus software providers“.. Not good.]

What can you do about Heartbleed? By now, the Poindexters in the basement should have ‘patched’ their ‘servers’. So we can now do the one thing to try to protect our ‘identities’ – change our login passwords at the sites that collect PII (Social networking sites, ecommerce sites, and online banking sites, for example.)
But first, verify the patches have been applied by visiting and enter the URL of the website in question.

Today’s quote:We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

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