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I may start surfing with Chrome…

I won’t use Google’s Chrome browser; but this headline has me considering switching to it. (I hope the other browsers will do the same.)

* Google boots China’s main digital certificate authority CNNIC

Google says a future update in Chrome will remove trust for all certificates from China’s main root certificate authority.Read more..

And yet more good news:
* Inexpensive table-top robots will disrupt light manufacturing

Collaborative robots for light industry are coming along at precisely the right moment. They’re primed for quick adoption, and that means big changes for small- and mid-sized manufacturers.” Read more..

[ .. I think “disrupt” has now come to mean “eliminate all jobs”. ]

* Lebanon Believed Behind Newly Uncovered Cyber Espionage Operation

Middle East, US, and other targets hit in nearly three-year-old ‘Volatile Cedar’ cyber attack campaign.Read more..

Best for last * Healthcare Is Ignoring Cyber Risk Intel, Academia Even Worse

For all of 2013 and 2014, the healthcare sector was abuzz with cyber activity invisible to most. As the weeks rolled by, the cyber event data collected and analyzed by our analytic data warehouse increasingly brought an image into sharp focus — and it was beginning to look a lot like an active radar console of the skies over Iraq circa 1991.” Read more..

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