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"Free", "Cash Back", "Rebate", and Alarm Bells

When you see the words “free”, “cash back”, and “rebate” on a website, alarm bells should ring in your head.”

The Subscription Trap

188640-cash-back-offer_originalIf you’ve ever opened your credit card bill to find that you’ve inadvertently joined a club you’ve never heard of, at a cost of $10 or more a month, you’re not alone. Millions of Web consumers have been snared by similar tactics. Our tips will help you fight back.

How can companies make more than a billion dollars selling a service that almost no one wants? By signing up millions of members who don’t know that they’re becoming members.

Folks, if you ever do any online shopping at sites like Orbitz, Priceline, Shutterfly, FTD, Hotwire,,, Intellius, 1-800-Flowers,, Avon, Barnes & Noble, Budget, GMAC Mortgage, Staples, US Airways and Ticketmaster, etc., you need to be aware of certain facts…

Getting your money back isn’t easy. According to some angry consumers, getting a full refund required writing a letter (the old fashion way) and waiting months to receive a credit card chargeback…

Tom Spring has a “must read” article, published in this month’s PCWorld. Please, click here and read about this scandalous outrage, and the steps you can take to avoid getting snared into a “subscription trap”.
This information is so important, I not only encourage you to read it, but also to forward it on to all your friends and family.

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