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Poll Results: How Much Time Online Is “Too Much”.

Let me start out today with a little reminiscing. When I was a young man, long ago, before Pong, and helmet laws, a fella told me a few words of wisdom. He said, “if everyone you meet tells you that you have a tail, then – as impossible as it sounds – you better wake up to the fact that you do have a tail.

I didn’t really get what he was trying to say. I don’t think.

This feels like a subject change, but it’s not: a short while ago I posted a poll, which readers could “vote” on. The poll asked how many hours a day, spent in front of a computer, online, would constitute “too many” — a possible “problem”. (See, Too Much Time Online?)

I included “there is no such thing” as a voting choice.

To save you a click, let me sum up the results. The answer “there is no such thing” (as too many hours online) was the clear “winner” (and had twice as many votes as it’s nearest competitor -> 4 hours). I will also say that not enough people participated in this poll for the numbers to really mean anything. But I found it curious/interesting none the less.

While the poll was open, I refrained from commenting. I will do so now.

First, I was not surprised by this result. And too, in a way, the poll had the same inherent flaw you would have if you asked ” how many beers/day is too many?” and let active drunkards participate. (You would see answers like “650”.)

Yes, IMHO there is – indeed – such a number as “too many hours”. I don’t know what that number might be (and I suspect it varies) but I refer you to my little parable from my youth (above).

If your husband/wife/significant other has told you, more than once, you are spending too much time “playing at the computer”, well, then, dangit, you may very well have a tail.
(If you have been “dumped” because you sat at the ‘puter too much, then there’s no guesswork.. you do have a tail.)

Have you failed to complete homework because that arena match was so wicked awesome it didn’t end until 5:45 a.m.? Like.. more than a few times? And now Teacher wants to see you after school?
You may have a tail.

Do you talk to people you have never actually met more than you do your family (assuming you have one..) ?

Is your online activity causing your bank account balance to be too low to meet your month’s obligations? Has this happened before?

If people close to you are always complaining  (because they just don’t “get it”) about your ‘puter time, well, my opinion, I think maybe, it’s you who does not “get it”.

.. now, I am not going to start using words like “addiction”. And only you can decide if there’s a problem (and if so, how serious a one). Nor am I going to offer any solutions for you. I am just a repair technician. But I do talk to people. I know a few who say it was the Internet that caused their divorce. And I have heard more than one parent complain about how the kids never look up from their devices…

(I think the measuring stick here is “neglect”.)

I do have two items for you — if this topic interests you at all, that is. (And please note, they use “addiction”, not me..)

* There’s an online addiction assessment test you can take if you have suspicions/concerns about how much time you or a loved one is spending online.

* Internet Addiction and Internet Sex (This is a good read [from my Blogroll].)

*     *     *

No intro needed: Report: Android Malware Growing Exponentially

 “Android devices are being heavily targeted by hackers and malware producers.Read more..

*     *     *

Today’s quote:What you get free costs too much.” ~ Jean Anouilh

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All we really have, in the end, are our stories.
Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

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A Big Question For A Little Monday

* The more I use Windows 8 Developer’s Preview Edition (on my Desktop), the more I do not like Metro.
So much for the idea that my comfort would grow with familiarity…
But, that’s just me. Perhaps others will feel the opposite.
While this is a very early “beta” I am playing with.. I don’t see anything here that would make me want to spend to “upgrade” from Windows 7. I hope that changes as official release draws nearer.

* The subject of the Internet causing divorces has come up in conversation several times for me lately. It seems many people believe the Internet is causing more and more marriages to fail.. an epidemic, to quote a few.

I admit, smart business people, and media types,  have been quick to declare a new disease: Internet Addiction.. and yes, World of Warcraft is often cited. Some two years ago now, I wrote: Is Your (inner) Child Addicted to the Internet?, which is not only a good read, but contains a link to an assessment test you can take.

I will also admit, I have an opinion in terms of the question “is the Internet causing a higher divorce rate”, but today I will ask, not tell. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your ‘feedback’.

* What’s new in the world of tech toys, devices, and gadgets? Well, the CES is where you go to see tomorrow’s technology.

Can’t remember if I ever mentioned it here.. not a big fan of Mondays…

Today’s quote:The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” ~ Isaac Asimov

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