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Back in the saddle

wrapping up another week

A few items of interest, and a funny video

Walter Lantz Studios

Walter Lantz Studios

* Update: Facebook phone? Been there, done that, and nobody cared

Facebook is generating buzz with the unveiling of Home, but it seems everyone has forgotten about the Facebook phone nobody wanted.Read more.

[related: Why Facebook Home will blow Android into smithereens

You think Google’s Android OS is hopelessly fragmented now? This is just the beginning.Read more.. ]

* The state of malware 2013

A short slideshow that (I suspect) will open your eyes to the risks of the Internet — even if you think you’re already aware of the risks.

CISPA: Not Just Dangerous, but Also Useless

Civil libertarians are loudly protesting Congress’s renewed deliberations of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). The bill is intended to facilitate sharing cyberthreat information between government and the private sector to protect the nation from cyberattack.Read more..

The love affair with Windows 8-powered hybrids is over before it started

Microsoft built Windows 8 around the new touch user interface, but it seems that consumers are quite attached to their keyboards and mice.Read more..

[ And I don’t think M$ didn’t know that was going to happen. If they didn’t, they didn’t read their “feedback” during the beta. Nor ever notice how little-used the red “eraser” on ThinkPads are.. or how many people plug mice into their laptops because they hate the touchpad… ]

Surprise?  Survey: Finance chiefs not thrilled with IT ROI

A new CFO Research/AlixPartners survey reveals that finance leaders are not happy with their IT spending return on investment, with just 3% describing ROI as excellent. Most rated their company’s results with a C grade or lower. “The message from CFOs and other senior finance executives is loud and clear — companies are spending too much on IT, and they’re not getting the business information that they truly need,” said AlixPartners’ Meade Monge.” Read more..

[ Yes. But. It’s employed a lot of people.. ahem. ]

Bitcoin’s Wallet Service Instawallet Hacked, suspended indefinitely

The digital currency Bitcoin has suffered yet another hack. Bitcoin wallet site Instawallet has been taken offline after a security compromise, has suspended its service indefinitely. Instawallet didn’t say in a notice on its website how many bitcoins were stolen after hackers fraudulently accessed company database. “The Instawallet service is suspended indefinitely …” Read more…

ITC judge rules Samsung infringed Apple’s text-selection patent

Things have taken a nasty turn for Samsung in its worldwide battle against Apple with a new ruling from the International Trade Commission.Read more..

Sigh. It’s almost like watching an amateur circus, or toddler talent show, isn’t it?

* A laser printer for $50?! Yup. If that interests, click here.

Friday Fun Video: You do want to double your Internet speed for free, right?

I am a little surprised he only got 6 million views with that …

Today’s quote:What can you do against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?” ~ George Orwell

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