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How to prep your smartphone for emergency situations

Folks, the author of this article is a bit wordy, (like, you can skip the first 4 paragraphs..) but there is some good info here… And we all know, we should be somewhat prepared ahead of time, as a Rule.

* Zombie apocalypse? Prep your smartphone for emergency situations

Learn how to equip your phone to help steer you through disaster scenarios, whether a zombie apocalypse or a Donald Trump rally.Read more..

* * *

* Side business: August, check your Junk folder.

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Quick update: Earthquake

I have received several inquiries (and I thank you for that) and so I thought I would take a quick minute to let readers know that the Bay Area earthquake was a good distance north of me, and had no effect, here, other than to rattle my doors and windows just enough to wake me up.

Those interested in more coverage of the earthquake, the latest ContinuousNegativeNews (aka “CNN”) report is here, California earthquake: Bay Area picks up pieces after strongest quake in 25 years.

(Has it really been 25 years since Loma Prieta??? Wow. Boggles my mind.)

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