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Enhance Google (Also Blocks Ads)

Firefox users will want to know about an Add-on I recently discovered and adopted.

Loyal readers know I hate ads. And they know I use Firefox. I use Firefox for the “Add-ons” (aka “plug-ins”) that give me additional security from cybercrime, enhance my privacy, and the ability to block advertisements — which I consider “musts” for a “better online experience”. (I wrote an article showing my “must have” Firefox Add-ons [and how to get them] here: Winners named, Browsers & Add-ons, Friday Fun.)

I just added to my list an add-on called OptimizeGoogle which, by simply checking a checkbox, tells your browser to automatically use the secure SSL (https://) when connecting to Google services (Gmail, Docs, etc.) and strips out the ads. (Woo Hoo!) Secure sign in and no ads – yup. That’s for me. It does more, too, but I’ll let you discover those things.

1) In Firefox, click on the Tools menu, then Add ons, then the Get Add-ons button.

2) Type OptimizeGoogle into the search pane. Then click on OptimizeGoogle then click Install.

You will need to restart Firefox to complete the installation.

3) Now, again, click on the Tools menu, then Add ons, then click on OptimizeGoogle to turn it blue (aka “select it”).

4) click the Options button.

5) place a check in the Block ads on all Google services checkbox, as shown.

Click OK and you’re done. (Unless you want to explore some of the other settings/options.. that is.)

Reminder: For the complete list of my “must have” Firefox Add-ons, [and how to get them] please see Winners named, Browsers & Add-ons, Friday Fun.

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45 Windows Tricks, Free Wallpaper, More!

Today is Saturday and I have decided I am going to let others do the heavy lifting for me. Below are some collections of tweaks, tricks, tips, and fun customizations for your computer.

First up: Essential Windows Tricks
Whether you run Windows 7, Vista, or XP, these 25 tricks will make your PC faster, safer, and even more fun to work with.”

* The verdict is in: Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best operating system yet. For those of you who have a Win7 machine: 20 Windows 7 quick tips and tricks for IT admins
Make working in Windows 7 even easier with these easy-to-miss tricks.”

(It’s okay you’re not an “IT admin”, just skip over tips #17, 18, and 19.)

* And spruce up your PC’s appearance with wallpaper: FREE High Resolution Wallpapers
Today, I want to tell you about a wallpaper site that I use that is not only safe, but provides a great collection of high resolution wallpapers.

* Is a Web mail (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!) your primary e-mail? Want to fix your “mailto:”? Default to Web Mail
Patrick wants a Web-based mail service to be his default email.”

So have some fun with your computer. Read these, and then try some “tweaks” and customizations yourself. Make your PC (Personal Computer) more “personal”.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Quick Tip: Turn on ClearType in Internet Explorer

Simple Adjustment Reduces Eye Strain & Makes Web Pages Easier On The Eyes.

“ClearType” is a Microsoft feature that enhances your display by smoothing the edges of screen fonts. ClearType works especially well on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) devices, including flat screen monitors and laptop computers.

ClearType is enabled on your display (aka “monitor”, “screen”) by default in Vista and Windows 7, but you need to manually turn it on in Windows XP and older. (The instructions for that are here.)

No matter which operating system you are using, though, and whether or not ClearType is generally applied, you can enhance your online viewing by forcing IE to render HTML using ClearType. (HTML is the standard protocol language of the Internet. For more info on that, click here.)

1) Open Internet Explorer and click on “Tools”, then click on “Internet Options”.
2) Click on the “Advanced” tab.


3) Scroll down to the “Multimedia” section and place a check in the “Always use ClearType for HTML*” checkbox.
4) Click on “Apply”.

You will need to close Internet Explorer and then “launch” (aka “open”) it again for the change to take effect, but, that’s it. You’re done.

[note: if you found this helpful, you might also want to read, More tweaks for easier viewing (reposting)]

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Stretch Your Software Dollars – 26 Free Applications For Hard Economic Times

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Provides functions below:
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6 DVD Ripper.

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