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*New* Infected Attachment Scam

Subject: funds wired into your account are stolen

Dear bank account owner,

Funds wired into your account are stolen from innocent account holders through Identity Theft. Please check your account statement (the statement is attached to this letter) and contact your bank account manager.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

POP QUIZ: What’s wrong with this picture? (multiple choice)
a: It came on a Sunday, and the Gov’t doesn’t work on Sundays.
b: There’s no such thing as “innocent” account holders.
c: dot exe’s are “executables” (aka “scripts” and “programs”) and make things happen on machines.. maybe bad things.

Answer: C

Folks, this is a really old attack method, and it preys upon the fact that users are unobservant (won’t notice the .exe) and uneducated (don’t know what a .exe is).

Sadly, those two facts really don’t change. And so someone is trying this old trick again. The attachment “statement.exe” is a “downloader virus“.
Open the attachment and be “pwn3d“.

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