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The Enemies App | Holy Cow! | Amazing Legos

+ Manage Your Online Identity

An alert reader brought a new Facebook “app” to my attention.. which kind of turns a few conventions on their head. And I found it interesting (and “food for thought”).

* Facebook App Lets You Add Enemies Online

“Forget friending. A new Facebook app allows users of the social network to identify and share people, places and things as “enemies” for all to see.” Read more..

While there, I noticed a blurb for a different article, about something called “Bump Pay”..

click here to read bump pay article


I need that. Why, if I had that? I’d use it every… um,  never. Maybe it’s just me.. but nowhere but in the arena of tech am I so frequently reminded of the axiom “Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It”…

Of course, the trend towards a currency-less society is gathering steam, and there is big competition now for figuring out just how online payments/currency is going to shape up. (You might have heard the term “micro-payments“..) Who needs a wallet? You’ve got a phone! Interesting.

Yes, we live in interesting times…

“Playing” with Legos”: click on the image below to see some amazing Legos creations..

(or, clck here LEGO creations at Brickworld Indy 2012.)

*     *     *

Bonus: Here’s an article I think most of you will be interested in (or.. should be?) Manage Your Online Identity

But what about your own online reputation and the personal content that’s been building up since the dawn of the Internet age? The Internet has a long memory, and your online reputation could take a permanent hit if you don’t manage it actively. Here’s a four-step guide to effectively controlling your online reputation:” Read more..

Thank you, Dear Reader, for the ‘heads up’.

Today’s quote:Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams.” ~ Patch Adams

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