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Tech Paul’s Friend of the Internet Surfer Award – 2010

Ronen Tzur Wins For Sandboxie

Folks, last year I invented a little thing I called the Friend Of The Internet Surfer Award. I have awarded it three times so far, but not yet this year.

Winner of the 2010
Friend Of The Internet Surfer Award
Tech Paul’s Friend Of The Internet Surfer Award

My intention with this was to bring to your attention, Dear Reader, people (and their websites) who are worthy of special mention due to the fact that they are looking out for us — the “average computer user” — and helping us to have a better, safer, online experience.

Ronen wins this special award as he is the creator of the program called “Sandboxie”. I consider Sandboxie an essential and primary tool for helping protect my machines from cybercrimals (incorrectly called “hackers”).

How Sandboxie works: Sandboxie takes a whole different approach (tactic) than traditional antivirus and anti-Spyware programs use to protecting you. Sandboxie runs your applications (aka “programs”) in an isolated area called a “sandbox”, as this animation shows…

Any programs that are “launched” (aka “Open”-ed, aka “run”) within Sandboxie only function within the sandbox, and have no direct access to your files, the Windows operating system or any other part of your PC. After you have finished with the ‘session’, you can right click the Sandboxie icon and delete all sandboxed files and processes, and your PC will be returned to the same state it was in before you started (how those red boxes vanish). To paraphrase, “What happens in the sandbox stays in the sandbox.”

GizmoAwardMy first recommendation for safe browsing is a free program called Sandboxie.~ JonathanT, Gizmo’s Best Free Browser Protection Utility.

Ronen has always offered this (essential, IMHO) security tool free, as well as a “pro (for pay) version”. It consistently wins “Best” and “Top” mentions on the reputable download sites, such as PC Magazine and MajorGeeks.

Note: Sandboxie is NOT a replacement, nor substitute, for traditional anti-Malware (antivirus+anti-Spyware) but is used in conjunction with. (This is referred to as “layering” your defenses.) And Sandboxie is not exactly intuitive to the “average user”, so I highly recommend that first time users see Tutorial: Getting Started with Sandboxie. This is a serious security tool and taking the time to learn how it works is well worth it! Using Sandboxie is simple, there’s just a few things to know.

So, congratulations Mr. Tzur. You’ve earned a big tip of my Geek hat. And folks, please click here and take a look Sandboxie.

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Safer Surfing Tool

Have you installed the safer surfing WOT toolbar yet? I install it on all my friend’s and family’s machines (and offer to, to all my clients) because its red – yellow – green “traffic signal” warning system is simple enough for young children.

Here, it’s warning of a dangerous hyperlink embedded in a phishing email that’s attempting to steal my identity and banking login…
..and should you be so foolish as to ignore (or.. simply not notice) the red circle, and click on the link anyway, and try to go to the website..
A warning curtain intervenes. It tells you why the website has “earned” the very bad red rating. You must click “Go to site” to proceed to the website itself.

These ratings are determined by you, me, and other Internet surfers… not some faceless giant corporation or government agency. It is “people driven”, and you get a vote.

Check it out. Visit today. Protect yourself from “phraud”, and “phishing”, and “rogue antivirus” programs .. like TotalProtect2009. (See Is that anti-spyware program really spyware? and Total Protect 2009/ TotalProtect2009 – 3 Removal Solutions)

Note: It now includes a Parental Control setting!

Copyright 2007-9 © Tech Paul. All rights reserved. post to jaanix

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Copyright 2007-9 © Tech Paul. All rights reserved. post to jaanix

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