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Apple’s New MagicMouse

The Next Generation Of Mouse Is Here

The new “Touch” (aka “Multi-touch”) technologies are all the rage, letting people use multiple fingers to zoom, pinch and manipulate objects on their computer screen.

About a week or so ago, an alert reader sent me a heads up on recent developments in Multi-touch technology, and how Microsoft had several prototype Multi-touch mouse designs in development. I posted an article on this, which included a video, so you could see how a multi-touch mouse might work (see, The Next Generation Of Mouse).

But clearly the fact that I deal primarily with Windows computers was showing, as Apple has a multi-touch mouse out already — called the MagicMouse ($69) and I must say, it is very “kewel”. This video shows it in operation…

I believe it safe to say that this is the future of mice…and Mac users needn’t wait to get the latest thing in PC peripherals and cool gadgets — it’s here now.

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Sidebars and Gadgets Explained

Understanding the Windows Vista Sidebar

A little while ago, Rick Robinette posted a great article on his site, What’s On My PC…, that I think some of my readers will appreciate. It is sort of an ‘ABC’s In A Nutshell’ about Vista’s (and Windows 7) sidebar and desktop gadgets. Here’s an excerpt–

gadgetsIf you are a Vista user and you do not know what the sidebar is, it is an area, usually inhabiting the right edge of your desktop that contains gadgets (such as a clock, picture viewer, calendar, etc…).  What most people do not know is that you can install, add and remove gadgets from the sidebar and you can also drag gadgets from the sidebar and place them anywhere on your desktop; thus, making the sidebar an useful feature.

To assist you with Understanding the Sidebar
I have compiled the following, easy-to-follow tutorial..”

To visit his site and read the article, please click here. These gadgets are fun and informative, and I think you’ll be glad you did. (I was going to discuss this in my next A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 article, but he’s done a much better job than I would have.)

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Smartphones On The Cheap

Are your seatbelts fastened? I’m about to shock you, Dear Reader.

I found a How To better than any I have ever written. Below is the link and some snippets..

How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan…


“I love my gadgets, and when opportunity presents itself to try something different, I cannot resist.

The object of the this story is to demonstrate how I maximized the usage of a Blackberry Smartphone using one of the cheapest mobile phone plans out there…

I have always been fascinated with PDA’s, have owned quite a few, and was currently looking for something that would provide PDA capabilities, as well as, mobile phone capabilities. I did not want to pay a lot or get trapped into a lengthy service contract with a mobile phone provider just to own a computer in my pocket…”

I believe that this article will appeal to (and inform) any “user level” — from those who have managed to avoid these fancy gadgets, to texting über-ninjas. I highly recommend clicking the link (above) and giving this one a read.

I tip both my writer’s cap and my geek hat to Rick Robinette (blog= What’s On My PC) and I thank him for permission for these snippets.

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Speed Up Your Camera — Kill the Logo

Digital cameras truly are a modern marvel. They’re quick, highly portable, easy to use, and produce instant results. You can use one pretty much any time, anywhere.

And with digital images, you don’t have to hide away in a dark closet and handle noxious chemicals to crop and edit your prints. Now, we eliminate red-eye, and fix contrast, etc., with the click of the mouse.

As I wrote in Digital Cameras and You, the convenience and quality of digital cameras has all but done away with 35mm film.

Tip of the day: Speed up your digital camera’s boot time by disabling the splashscreen.

Almost every digital camera displays some kind of company logo when you turn it on. This is wasted time and energy that does nothing but slow you down.. and might even make you miss your shot. If your make/model allows it, (and most do) turn this “feature” off.

The exact method will vary from camera to camera, but typically the option you are looking for is in the General Settings area of the main menu.
The phrasing may be “show” or “enable”, and you want to un-select this. And, it may be labeled “welcome screen” or “splashscreen”, or even, “startup screen”.
(If you just cannot locate the menu option, consult the manufacturer’s Website.)

This quick settings change, will give you a faster power-up, and allow you to be more responsive in your picture taking.

For those of you shopping for a new digital camera, you might want to read my article, Digital cameras– which one’s for you?

Today’s free download: (repeat) One of the best free programs for working with your digital images– resizing, cropping, eliminating red-eye, color-adjusting, etc.– is Paint.NET.
You can also find helpful tutorials here.

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