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Just now, Hotmail (oops, I mean Outlook) changed!!

Microsoft just now did one of those things I just simple H-A-T-E! They “modernized” the user interface (no doubt to make it more compatible with ‘mobile devices’) and changed the look of my Inbox.

Thanks a lot Microsoft! Don’t you know we users detest this crap?

Didn’t you learn from the kickback you received from Office’s “Ribbon”? Or Windows 8?

Crap man. At least offer a setting that says, “No thanks. Leave my Inbox the *&^% alone.”

And now to send an email, I have to learn where you moved the buttons and thingies.. Just how I wanted to spend my time! (Not good to change the “insert inline image” to a seperate command button..)

NO. I am not going to start using One Drive just because you always default point to it. Or put shortcuts – for me – to it.


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More on Hotmail phase-out (and other things too)

Items of Interest

* As I wrote about recently (see, The End Of Hotmail) there is/are change(s) coming to Microsoft products. For those of you who have a Microsoft “Live ID”, or Hotmail account, the following article is a ‘must read’: Microsoft’s Hotmail phase-out: What’s a user to do?

Microsoft is moving all of its Hotmail users to by this summer. Here’s what the hundreds of millions still using Hotmail need to know about the transition.Read more..

[oh, and btw.. outage leaves users locked out of accounts

Numerous users of the online email service were locked out of their accounts on Monday after a service outage.” Read more..]

Further, Microsoft Office is changing/has changed, too: Office 2013 licensing changes increase IT angst

It has been about a month since Microsoft released Office 2013 and Office 365 under a new licensing regime. Unfortunately, this new scheme has raised a few eyebrows among users and IT professionals alike. Let’s see if we can figure out what it means.Read more

* I don’t normally point out good deals, but.. this one is kind of amazing.. a WD 4 TB, USB 3.0 external harddrive unit (w/automatic backup) for $169 (plus free shipping) .. see it here.

* On the tablet front.. Ubuntu’s Touch OS preview released for Nexus tablets and phones

Ubuntu Touch is here, but users have been warned not to run it on their primary device, as it has number of kinks still to be worked out.” Read more..

and Hands-on with the HP Slate 7

How can a tablet that feels so good be so … not good

What do you do if you’ve long since past being a laughingstock in the mobile business? You failed at Windows Mobile. You bought Palm and put webOS out to pasture. And now, if you’re HP, your first real foray into Android is a tablet that’s nice from afar, but far from nice. Such is the HP Slate 7.Read more..

* For those waiting on more of my Working With Apple series, sorry for the gap. More will be more coming; but the only thing I really have to say right now is, I’m finding more bugz and glitches than I would have suspected… but it’s been a mildly boring “shift” otherwise.

* I really cannot believe as many people think “clumping” cat litter is no bargain as don’t …

* Mondays are busy days, so.. that’s all I’ve time for today. Have a good one everybody!

Today’s quote:If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.” ~ Joseph Addison

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All we really have, in the end, are our stories.
Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

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Google Play (New) | Hotmail = The Best | 200+ Free Games

It happened while I was waiting for an antivirus scan to finish…

Yesterday during a malware removal job, I grew a wee bit bored waiting for an AV scan to finish, and so I clicked some little-noticed links, and did some exploring. Maybe you’ll be glad I did!

This first link you have probably seen – if you ever played any of the games that come with Windows, such as Solitaire, or my fave – Chess.

Get more games online

I must have seen that “Get more games online” link 500 trillion times. Well, I (finally) clicked it and was taken to..

img = "free games from microsoft"

200+ FREE games from Microsoft (Click me)

.. where I found a whole bunch of those online “Flash games” you play in your browser. Fun timewasters and free! Take a look at the selection, here.

The next link is more obscure, and I found it by exploring the pre-configured “Favorites” in Internet Explorer – which I normally do not use to surf the web (I use Firefox with NoScript).

I have mentioned “Microsoft At Home” before – specifically the ‘learn computing’ video tutorials, but it has been a long time since I’ve taken a look myself. While there, I noticed that the much-maligned Hotmail had been named Top Web App of 2011 by PC Magazine.

* Hotmail named best web app of 2011 by PC Magazine

“The Hotmail team got some great (and humbling) news recently – Hotmail was named best web application of 2011 by PC Magazine. We were particularly excited to see that people are taking notice of Hotmail’s war on Graymail and the work we’ve done this year to make Hotmail faster. There are a lot of great web applications out there, and we’re in great company, but it was an honor to make the very top of the list.”

Now.. the reason I use Hotmail is because there was a time before Gmail (and I wouldn’t touch AOL), and I don’t like Yahoo! Mail’s propensity for showing ads. I have ignored all the “Advice columns” advice to not use Hotmail – especially not for business – all these years. Now, I feel somewhat vindicated.
I still use Hotmail as my primary personal email as Gmail creeps me out.. the way they read every word.. and show me ads related to my email. Google As Big Brother. Another topic for another day.

More games: Hey.. what is that???

Click me

Introducing Google Play

Now your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games are all in one place that’s accessible from the Web and any Android device. Discover, buy and share like never before.

*     *     *

Bonus: The Digital Patent Wars

“In today’s intellectual property environment, patents have evolved into weapons of war. In fact, patent lawsuits have escalated so much that many are debating whether patents should be abolished.

Internet Evolution is examining the situation today in a brand new Big Report, “Digital Patent Wars: How Companies Are Suing Their Way to the Top.” Click here to read the analysis.”

I am out of time. Have a good one, everybody! (And don’t spend too much time on those games… ha!)

.. “Graymail”? A new word for me.

Today’s quote:Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.” ~ Mark Twain

Hey! The United Nations wrote me today…!

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Sorry, there’s a problem with Hotmail right now…

Hotmail seems to be having an outage. Anyone else see this?

They said they have added new features, so please refresh the browser…

2/14/12 @ 10:30pm Pacific

[update: this seems to be a big massive global one.]

[update: While I have no way of knowing the cause of this, I suspect that we can help the Microsoft data center Geeks by giving them time between login attempts.]

Fixed here

[Update @ 11:56pm Pacific refreshing the page (press the F5 key) restored my Inbox (also someone in Rumania reported success).]

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How To Send 100 Photos In An Email

If you have ever tried to ‘attach’ a bunch of pictures to an email, you have probably bumped into email’s limitations. Most Email will only allow you to send 10 MB’s of attachments, and ‘paperclip’ on 4 attachments at a time.

Those of you who have a Hotmail account can use the free (included) “SkyDrive” feature can get around these limits and send your PowerPoint slideshows and/or multiple images with a few clicks. (Yeah, I know. Bashing Microsoft and Hotmail just got a bit harder to do..)
Sharing pictures with friends and family is now a whole lot easier.

To share multiple photos:

  1. Click New to create a new email message.
  2. Type an email address and subject.
  3. Click Photos, and then click New album.
  4. Select the photos that you want to create an album with, and then click Open. Hotmail will upload and save the photos to SkyDrive.
  5. Type a message, and then click Send.

Note: You need to install Microsoft Silverlight to use this feature. This feature is not yet available in all countries or regions.

A short video tutorial is here.

Don’t have a “Windows Live ID” or Hotmail account? You can sign up (free) for one here

Related: Those of you who do not want to do Hotmail/Silverlight may be interested in my How to send big files (updated)

Today’s quote:It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor.” ~ Max Eastman

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Hotmail Account Upgrade (Phish)

Hotmail’s spam filter failed to catch this “notice” of an “account upgrade” and let it slide right into my Inbox.

We are upgrading our database to serve you better. Your Windows Live! Account details are required for the upgrade and to keep your account active.

The information below are needed urgently for the exercise upon receipt of this mail to avoid an immediate deactivation.


User Name:……………………………..


Date of Birth :……………………………..

Country or Territory: ………………….

Ensure every detail requested above is provided correctly upon receipt of this notification to enable the upgrade.
Incomplete details and wrong passwords forwarded will result in suspension or closure of your account for security reasons.

We’ll keep making Windows Live! the best email service around.

Windows Live Alert Team
Microsoft Corporation

Okay… they made some text a red color..  and some text they made blue.. so it must be true..


You know, I am almost at the point where I would not feel sorry for the victim of this scam… Anyone *naive* enough to fall for it – in 2011 – shouldn’t be on the Internet. Right?

But instead I’ll simply say: this is a CLASSIC scammer’s mass-mailed “phishing” email, hoping to snare some people’s passwords.

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