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Why Tech Support Folks Go Crazy

Are you the person your friends and family members call when their computer acts up — yet again? If so, you might appreciate these “humorous” articles. (And those of you who are the ones always calling may want to read them too.. Because, yes: this is what we say about you behind your back… Or, worse.)

The Eight Reasons Your IT/Tech Support Guy Hates You

Working in IT and related fields is a thankless job. The average person seems to believe that anyone working in tech support is just some nerd who must be tolerated when your computer stops working for something that is clearly not your fault.Read more..

Tech Support Hates You

I’ve been doing customer service for quite some years now.  And even though I’m a bit higher up on the totem pole now vs my early years, I still have to deal with the end user quite often.  After a while though, as with many in the IT industry, you start to really hate a lot of the end users out there.  This hatred is focused on either the stupidity of the user, or just the sheer lack of his/her self control.Read more..

And, best for last…

6 Reasons The Guy Who’s Fixing Your Computer Hates You

“So, before I touch your computer, friend who may or may not do me a favor in return for this free repair job, here’s what you should know” … Read more..

Just in case you are thinking you won’t bother to click a link.. this is just one thing you’ll miss:
I know you are computer illiterate, but do you have to be dumb as well?  I swear, when people call tech support lines, their IQ immediately drops to the lower 50′s.  Basic questions like “Is it plugged in?” Are often answered with an “I don’t know.”.  Please! Before you call me, try to think. Read more..

Today’s quotabe quote:Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” ~ George S. Patton

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Folks, if you have not received a “forwarded” email with this video yet.. or otherwise had a chance to see it, well here it is. It is a fun(ny) look at how the story of Joseph and Mary might have unfolded had they had Google and Facebook…

* Caution: We are in prime cybercrime season. Let’s be careful out there and exercise a double dose of Paranoid Common Sense. (And if you missed it, be sure to read Beware “The Twelve Scams of Christmas”)

* Some good news: New Google service identifies hacked sites

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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iPhone Etiquette

CaptureFolks, just a quick “sharing moment” today– I saw this interesting(brief ) ‘slideshow’, and thought you might enjoy it. It’s humorous, and spot on.

“Some of the iPhone’s users are, well, a bit uncool. Their unbridled iPhone enthusiasm can quickly cross the line into obnoxiousness. That’s why InfoWorld has come up with the Ten Commandments of iPhone etiquette. Read on and be wise. (<— click)

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For a lighter read…

Folks– my topics have been kinda heavy the last few days, and so I have decided to put up one of my more lighthearted prior posts to get us through the rest of the weekend; originally titled Nobody reads me on Saturdays.

I was seriously tempted to take a shortcut today, and just re-post a prior article. As I mentioned earlier this week, being an Internationally Renown Tech Writer and producing (original) articles six-days-a-week is hard work.. and I get tired [somber music plays here]. I had rationalized this decision to re-post with the help of my stats. And my stats tell me nobody reads me on Saturdays Sundays.

I have, as almost all Websites do, various statistic gatherers and counters, which tell me all kinds of interesting tidbits about this site’s traffic and visitors. (And I confess I look at these statistics frequently.) These statistics tell me that I usually have half as many “views” on Saturdays Sundays as I do on any other day. I guess people have better things to do with their weekends.

Did I mention that I look at my stats frequently? Yes? Well, the truth is sometimes I get a little carried away.. and become just a teeny bit “stat happy”. It’s a weakness. Symptoms of “stat happiness” include: crying when your numbers go down, and spending hours “tweaking” your site’s keywords and metatags.. and thinking of ways to slip “hot” Google words into your text. Like; giveaway, free, sex, hot sex, XXX, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, secret video, (let’s see.. hmm..) hidden camera, product key codes, crack.. (There. That should help.)
Stat Happy-ness can take the form of obsession. I’ve seen it happen.

I like my stat counters (but obsession is a little ways off yet) and, I have gathered some interesting conclusions about people.. and the world.. and stuff, because of the information available from them. For instance..
1) In the USA: The people in the central states are really computer savvy, and have their machines running like a fine-tuned Stradivarius. They have no use for the advice and Tips & Tricks offered here.. nor the “how to troubleshoot _______” articles. I know this because (almost) all of my US visits come from the coasts (a bit more coming from the right coast than the Lefty coast).
I also have learned that there’s only one computer in Alaska.. and it’s in Fairbanks (Hell-O, Fairbanks!).

2) The Chinese: There apparently is some activity allowed out of Hong Kong, but I have never received a visit or a view from the mainland. I think the Great Wall of China is really a firewall.

3) Africa: sheeze, what a mess. South Africa visits me occasionally, and so do some of Arabian states.. but I guess the rest of the continent is too busy trying to eat.. and avoid the machetes of rival tribes to have time to visit little ‘ole me (and whatever computers they have are being used to send Nigerian Scam e-mails…)

4) Apparently, this site doesn’t translate into Japanese very well…

5) G’day to all my mates down under! How about posting a Comment from time to time? I didn’t think you guys were bashful… (I’m HUGE in New Zealand, btw). Crikey.

6) Europe and the Scandinavia’s: Tech–for Everyone does pretty well in Europe, and into the “satellite states” and Balkans.. but I haven’t ‘penetrated’ into Russia yet. Spain I don’t do so well in. Nobody visits from Norway (but Sweden is another story), or Denmark. Most of my European visitors come from Deutschland.

7) Central and South America: I have very few visitors from here, but the ones I do are regular readers. I appreciate loyalty.

Another fact I find interesting is that of all the nearly over 300 articles I have written, two or three are by far-and-away more popular than the rest. The number one, all time, most popular Tech–for Everyone (There. I’ve inserted it three times now) article has to do with the Windows Taskbar vanishing: My Taskbar disappeared and other simple tweaks.

Well.. that was fun. And, I did write an article after all… sort of.

Today’s free link: Today I am letting you know that there is a new release of a very good all-in-one program for keeping your machine running right. I have recommended it here before, so if you have it, be sure to “upgrade” it to this new version.. and if you don’t, Advanced WindowsCare Personal from Iobit is on my Top 10 free downloads list.

[Update: for those of you who are curious, the keywords and tags I so facetiously added did, in fact, produce a few more visits. And by “few” I mean a dozen. I guess people just aren’t as interested in free hot XXX as I thought…]

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