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An item for you thinkers out there..

* Cryptocurrency mining malware discovered on surveillance DVRs

Johannes Ullrich, dean of research with the SANS Technology Institute, posted on Monday that DVRs made by Hikvision, a video surveillance products and solutions supplier headquartered in China, were found to contain malware that mined for Bitcoins.Read more..

What are the implications here?

(Puts a twist on the meaning of “Made in China” a bit, too, doesn’t it? But you should know that already: remember the “infected digital picture frames” [circa 2008] ? )

*     *     *

Other tech: What you should know about Windows 8.1 Update

The soon-to-be-released Windows 8.1 Update brings minor improvements that favor those using a mouse — in other words, most Win8 users.

Anyone currently on Windows 8.1 will want the update; those who still haven’t made the Modern plunge won’t be impressed.Read more..

[ This actually does eliminate my main beefs about Win8. But I won’t be switching – it’s Win 7 for me still.]

Today’s free software:  IObit  PCtransfer

To find a best solution to safely and thoroughly transfer data for XP users, IObit newly releases PCtransfer. It is a free, light, and portable data transfer tool that provides users with an easy and secure way to backup and restore data with one click. PCtransfer especially supports bookmarks and favorites backup on Internet Explorer 6 and 7, and also allows user to quickly select and backup the third-party programs and settings. PCtransfer not only helps user to transfer data from Windows XP system to new systems but also provide assistance to users for moving data to a new PC.”

Today’s quote:The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” ~ B. F. Skinner

(I think he meant “humans”, or “people”, but..)

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