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CoD 5 Now On Sale

Some of us are just great big kids at heart, and I have to confess to you that I have a little bit of that syndrome too. Besides being a World Renown Tech Journalist and Ace Computer Support Technician and all that other grown-up stuff– I am also a gamer.

game_rig Yes, it’s true: looking at a the insides of an “UG rig” (high-performance computer specially built for 3D video game excellence) makes my pulse quicken.

No, I have not ever attended a LAN Party (or convention) and generally never play “multiplayer” games online… and no, I did not spend more on my rig than I did on my car. But I have been a gamer since.. well, let’s just call it “the beginning”.


“Hail to the king, baby.”

Everybody has their favorite game, or at least, a favorite genre. Whether that be cards– like Solitaire, Texas Holdem, and Pinochle, or puzzles– like Sudoku, Mah Jong, and Scrabble, or simulators– like Need for Speed, The Sims, and Combat Flight Simulator 2 or Sports, or Strategy, or Arcade.. or Fantasy/Adventure.. (am I forgetting any?)

Mine happens to be the Call of Duty series, which is a combat simulator of the “first-person shooter” ‘genre’, and is affectionately known as “CoD”.
Infinity Ward rocks.

The latest release of Call of Duty was CoD 4 — Modern Warfare, which if I remember correctly, was released in time for Christmas last year. I think it did pretty good in sales… (over 7 million units in 2007).

This year, Activision is again releasing its big title in time for the Holiday shopping season, and CoD 5 — World At War is set to hit the shelves November 11th. But you can “pre-buy” it now.

That’s right, I said pre-buy. Pay now, and get the actual game later.

Some of you might find that concept a little odd, but us gamers know that this ensures that we won’t have to stand in line or face an empty shelf, and that we sometimes get a special bonus for pre-ordering (and, it gives us something to talk about to our gamer friends/rivals).

I was determined not to let myself get too excited about a game that isn’t even out yet.. especially when I had read that CoD 5 was not a Infinity Ward title, but a Treyarch (they were the authors of CoD 3, which was never ported to the PC, and generally received bad reviews). But I have seen the trailer and YouTube videos of gameplay, and I’m hooked.

I know what I’m gonna ask Santa for this year.

Today’s free link: for those of you who prefer arcade style games, download Mega Mario. Featuring the Mario Brothers — first introduced in Donkey Kong — this classic arcade game works on all versions of Windows.

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