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Privacy Concerns Hit Facebook For $10 Million Settlement…

And Other Items Of Interest

* Facebook settles Sponsored Stories suit for $10 million

Facebook will pay $10 million in a settlement over its “Sponsored Stories” feature, which had some users up in arms about their privacy.” Read more..

* Facebook Scoops Up For $100M To Bolster Its Facial Recognition Tech

After about a month of speculation, Facebook has finally announced its acquisition of Israeli facial recognition technology” Read more..

(I see nothing creepy about websites using recognition technology.. Nothing at all.)

We’re All Abuzz Here! Department:

* Microsoft Media Event hits at 3:30PM PST in Hollywood

This morning the folks at Microsoft are releasing the details for the special media event that will take place tonight revealing no less than a spectacular surprise the likes of which we’ve not yet heard, but certainly have been tipped off about.Read more..

Yes folks. I can hardly wait for this.

I’m on the edge on my seat.


* Mozilla creates Firefox Junior, an iPad browser

Mozilla at a recent presentation unveiled what it believes is the browser of the future, Firefox Junior, which it built for the iPad.Read more..

(I hope not everything “for the future” is going to be a ‘watered down for the iPad’ version… But.)

* Xbox leak reveals Kinect 2, augmented reality glasses

If a leaked document (part of which is shown above) is to be believed, the next Xbox will make use of augmented reality glasses. This much we know: Despite their silence on the subject, Microsoft is working on the next incarnation of the Xbox.” Read more..

(“Augmented reality” eyeglasses?? Hmmm…. I see possibilities..)

Off-topic (but important):

* Think you know about crime in the U.S.? Think again

Forget, for a moment, everything you think you know about the crime rate. Because it’s probably wrong.Read more..

(Highly reco’d read.)

Today’s quotable quote:If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” ~ Mark Twain

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