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Welcome to the New Cold War

Folks, this article not only should be read by everyone, but ‘forwarded’ to all your friends and family. The news is that big. This is definitely something to be aware of, and to pay attention to.


* U.S. charges Chinese military group with cyber espionage

The U.S. made a rare move to pursue foreign government employees by charging five Chinese nationals with committing economic espionage against Westinghouse, Alcoa , the U.S. Steelworkers’ Union and other large U.S. companies and organizations, in a move that serves as a warning and a wakeup call for both state-sponsored hackers and the companies that they attack.Read more..

This is a monumental change. It has been patently obvious – to those who pay attention to such things – that for years China has not been “playing nice” (some would say, has been waging cyber war, if not mere cyber espionage/theft), but that they’ve enjoyed a kind of tacit immunity, because they own all our money, and build all our devices.. and we (think we) want access to that vast market.

Why is this so important? “It’s possible this could cause a Virtual Cold War between the world’s biggest economies, with wide-ranging impact on the entire planet.

Again, read the article, here.

Maybe… we’ll have to start making our own stuff again…

A wee bit of good news: Historic global cyber crime bust takes down ‘BlackShades’ users

An FBI-led investigation involving law enforcement agencies in 17 countries has led to one of the biggest cyber crime busts in recent history.Read more..

Yes. History is being made …

Today’s quote:The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” ~ Jim Rohn

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Hacker Theft Could be the Largest Credit Card Crime in History

Hackers breach Heartland Payment credit card system

Heartland Payment Systems hpy on Tuesday disclosed that intruders hacked into the computers it uses to process 100 million payment card transactions per month for 175,000 merchants. The number of victims is still unknown.

Heartland’s disclosure coincides with reports of heightened criminal activities involving stolen payment card numbers. Security firm CardCops has been tracking a 20% year-over-year increase in Internet chat room activity where hackers test batches of payment card numbers to make sure that they’re active.

To read the full news story, click here.

My two cents: This is why, folks, you don’t want to get all excited about “cloud computing”, or allow your governments to create large “databases”.. like a “national health registry”, or “crime database”.. and why I don’t use “online backup” to store my files.
Why trust someone else’s server? The Conficker outbreak shows you how well servers get patched..

I feel bad for the folks at HPS.. the cost to “clean this up” is going to be astounding.. For more on that see, Credit card hackers find new, rich targets.

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