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Software License Giveaway Drawing

A Chance To Win A Powerful Prize

Q: Folks, do you want have an reliable tool to Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware and Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats?
A: Yes.

Well, folks, Okay. I will tell you about a program I use that I have mentioned here before. It is an anti-malware scanner that I use on the job, on several of my own machines, recommend to clients, and install on the PC’s of my friends and family. I’ll tell you why — it’s simple and it’s effective. Since it “plays well” with most other security programs, it makes a great additional layer of protection to your existing antivirus/security solution.


Q: Folks, would you like to win a lifetime license for such a program?
A: The good folks there at SUPERAntiSpyware (known in the biz as “SAS”) have generously donated five Professional licenses to me – “lifetime” licenses no less – to award to my readers. I sincerely thank them for that.

The Professional Edition includes Real-Time Protection and scheduling and is one of the few programs I regularly reco getting the ‘for pay’ version. (An ounce of Prevention is worth 20 pounds of Cure, when it comes to malware!)

* Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing.
* First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.
* Schedule either Quick, Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software.
(So those of you already running the free edition should still enter.. IMHO.)

So I am announcing my latest software license giveaway contest. I will draw names from folks who “enter” by posting a comment (below). The drawing will conclude at midnight on Thursday, May 13, so act now.

Simply click on “comment” and enter a name and valid e-mail in the form (so I can send you the key). Actually commenting is optional. And, I shouldn’t have to say this but, multiple entries in this contest will result in disqualification. The five winners will be announced Friday.

For those who would simply like to learn more about this great security program, the SAS website is here.
To read what I have said about SAS:

Also, I refer you to this Bill Mullins article, SUPERAntiSpyware Professional – The Name Says It All!

Thanks again to SUPERAntiSpyware, and good luck to those who enter!

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Vacation Odds and Ends + Giveaway

The weekend is here – the last weekend of Tech Paul’s ‘vacation mode’ – and I intend to get the most out of it as I can.. by doing as little as possible. With that in mind, here are some quick bits.

1) Have you ever wished you could go back in time…and un-do something you did? Windows’ built-in recovery tool, System Restore, allows your computer to do what you and I cannot do, jump back in history to a time when everything was working properly, and that’s a pretty neat trick!
See, How To Use System Restore To Fix Windows

2) In spite of the pop-up windows that are geared to urging you to purchase, AVG can STILL be downloaded for free. (To do so now, click here.)

3) Skype CANNOT detect a problem on your computer… but that doesn’t stop a criminal from sending you a “chat” that says it has.
See, Skype — “Windows Requires Immediate Attention”.. Not!

4) Are you still using XP? Want a more “modern” and attractive look and feel?
See, Make XP Look Like Vista or Mac OS X

5) Welcome to the world of the illiterati, where ignorance is indeed bliss, where being a moron is somehow classed as being “cute” and where screaming and roaring abuse at someone for any perceived slight doesn’t mean you’re an ———-, it means you have “attitude”.
See, Welcome to the world of the illiterati, where ignorance is indeed bliss…
(Thanks to Tech-Thoughts for bringing that one to my attention,)

6) Network Solutions discovered in early June that attackers had hacked into Web servers the company uses to provide e-commerce services – a package that includes everything from Web hosting to payment processing — to at least 4,343 customers, mostly mom-and-pop online stores.
See, Network Solutions Hack Compromises 573,000 Credit, Debit Accounts (in some browsers, you may have to scroll down a bit..)

And last but not least.. (drum roll please)
Free Lifetime License for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional – 20 to Give Away

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