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Video Tutorial – How to create a DVD slideshow (and more)

If you have photographs you would like to share with friends and family, one of the nicest ways to do that is to create a slideshow, and then “burn” that slideshow to disc. There are easy ways to create cool, “Ken Burns” style slideshows, add music to it, etc., and today I have a Microsoft video tutorial for how to do that using Windows Movie Maker.

Also, friend and fellow tech blogger Rick Robinette posted a(nother) good article today: A Nice Google Chrome Extension to Convert Any Video from YouTube to High Quality MP4, FLV or MP3 for FREE

One of the rewards to maintaining a tech blog that has a strong emphasis toward reviewing (and testing) FREE software, is when a reader contacts you and points you in the direction of something that is good. The reader in this case, as a result of reading the past article, “Keep An Eye On This […]” Read more..

Folks.. a little non-tech for a moment, if you’ll humor me..
Yesterday, when I was out and about, tackling life’s To Do’s, I witnessed – hang on to your seat – a person stop what they were doing, and go over, and lend a hand to a stranger. (The details are unimportant, and it only took them under two minutes..) And I realized it had been too long since I had performed a “random act of kindness”.. I plan to rectify that mucho muy mas pronto.

Today’s quote:Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke

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