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Google’s Dominance Is Your Reward

If you have been paying attention to Tech news you will have noticed that the #1 and #2 Search players have been been making bids to buy the #3 player, Yahoo!

Essentially, Microsoft “Live” Search tried to buy up Yahoo! to better compete with Google’s undisputed #1 (and get advertisers back onboard).

That plan didn’t work. And now Microsoft is offering a rewards program to get more people to use MSN as their search engine (thus, today’s title).

“Sign up to start earning great perks just for searching!

Sign up for SearchPerks! and start earning tickets towards exciting prizes whenever you search the Web – up to 25 tickets per day. It’s free, easy tCaptureo use, and your tickets accumulate as fast as you can search.*

And because SearchPerks! is brought to you by Microsoft Live Search, you know you won’t compromise quality while earning rewards.

Be sure to sign up before the registration deadline on December 31, 2008—the sooner you sign up, the more opportunity you have to earn tickets!”

I saw the ad for SearchPerks on my Hotmail page, and it includes a link, or you can click here to sign up.
Sign up and get 500 “bonus tickets”.

It smacks of desperation to me.

[note: to earn tickets, you must use Internet Explorer when you search, and download a small data collecting app.]

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