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Please Download Your Ticket

Folks, a new (to me) variation of a basic tactic.

Fat chance of that!

This is a variant of the “problem with your shipment” scam (aka “UPS scam”). It hopes that I will have recently have purchased an airline ticket from Delta Airlines (in this case). Which, basically, is “phishing” for a very small demographic.. and doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as a strategy. But all it takes is one sucker to make a criminal’s day a lot greener.
(Perhaps they’re hoping you will think you have won a free ticket..?)

I hope I don’t need tell you that just because it says the Sender is Delta Air Lines, doesn’t mean that it really came from them.. was some kind of honest mistake. I can make the “Sender” field say anything I want. It’s called “spoofing“. If that concept is news to you.. wake up, please. (And click the link.) These machines are programmable.

Exercise common sense when using your devices. Better yet, be paranoid. Do not open unsolicited email from strangers – period. Even strangers you think are legit (like Delta. Or the IRS. Or Microsoft.). Don’t be a sucker! Don’t be a rube! Please!

I say “be paranoid” because, yes. They are out to get you. (No. You did not just win a free iPad. Nor the Online Lottery.)

Today’s quote:a foole and his money is soone parted.” ~ Dr. John Bridges, 1587. (I guess suckers and rubes have been with us for some while..)

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