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Just Because We Can Do Something, Doesn’t Mean We Should

Here’s yet another creepy, extremely bad idea.

Meet Pepper, the ‘love-powered’ humanoid robot that knows how you’re feeling

If the thought of a humanoid robot in your home makes your skin crawl, meet the friendly Pepper.

 Pepper is a cute, wisecracking personal robot designed to bring joy to everyone, and Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank wants people to start buying it next year for the price of a high-end PC.Read more..

Doesn’t anyone read sci-fi? Or go to movies? I mean, cheese, I thought every single human on planet earth saw at least one of the Terminator movies..

Do you really want something in your home constantly watching your facial expressions, listening to your words, and reporting it all back to the mother ship, via the *totally secure* Internet??? (XBox One owners don’t need to answer that, you already have such a device.) And that mother ship probably resides in China? Even better!

Today’s quote:Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ~ Albert Einstein

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