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Gorilla Glass | Kewel Desktop Clock (with weather) | More

Several items have been brought to my attention recently, via reader comments and emails, which are worthy of your attention. First up, “gorilla glass”.

Are considering getting a new mobile device? One that might be dropped? Or kept in the same pocket/purse as your car keys (aka “where it might get scratched”)? Or perhaps, will be mostly in the care of a young person/child?
If so, you might want to make sure the gadget you’re considering has a screen made with “gorilla glass”.

Why do I want Corning® Gorilla® Glass on my devices?

“Scrapes, bumps, and drops are a fact of life, but Gorilla Glass enables your device to resist damage from the abuses that come with everyday use. Gorilla Glass also has strong aesthetic appeal. It’s thin, lightweight, and cool to the touch – enabling the sleekest designs.”

Clicking on the gorilla picture will take you to Corning’s gorilla glass FAQ page; and their list of vendors and products which use the tough screen glass is here. (I was pleased to discover my smart phone was listed..)

~     ~     ~

Now that Winter is coming, keeping a “weather eye” on the forecast seems a bit more.. prudent. Having it displayed on your Desktop would make that easy. I am not a fan of “weatherbug” and some of the others (I view as adware and a resource hog.. but others, including CNET give it good reviews. You can see that, and download it here), and don’t really have any good alternative suggestion for a free app (or widget) except for maybe HTC Home.

I don’t think this will give you emergency warnings of impending tornadoes, but does give the basics in an attractive way.
I hope someone will leave a comment with their fave free ‘weather widget’..

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Learning By Video: Perhaps you might like to forward this to someone you know..

If so, here’s the link: (You’ll probably also want to send them Tip: Bcc Protects Private Email Addresses. Who know? Maybe.. you can FINALLY get through to them?)

Today’s free download: Are you a skim reader? It’s up above!

Today’s quote:The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” ~ Lily Tomlin

Have a good weekend, everybody! (And my thanks to those who wrote in.)

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