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Sinking To A New Low

Last night I happened to do something I do not do much of any more. I turned on a TV.

And took a look at a few minutes of the NBA Championship game. No, I am not a basketball fan. But it is a topic of conversations. And I wanted to get up to speed.

Of course, most of what I witnessed was not sport, but commercials (more than half the “airtime minutes” would be my estimate). That fact may have depressed me enough that I was not properly mentally armored when one particular commercial came on — a “trailer” for a Coming Soon To A Theater Near You movie.

It was the CGI that caught my attention, and I “tuned in” to this commercial (a Civil War battle scene..).

Big mistake.

The name of this film is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

President Lincoln’s mother was killed by a supernatural creature, which fuels his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers.” ~ 20th Century Fox

I’m sorry. But I cannot find any humor in this. I am offended.


The Great Emancipator portrayed as an axe-wielding super-hero type.. able to fly, or jump 80′ .. or have X-ray vision, or such other tripe nonsense.

Hollywood is never, ever, getting another penny from me.


Am I the only person bothered by this? Maybe. But I am beginning to think maybe clotildajamcracker was right when she wrote “.. So stop slacking and let’s end this world once and for all..” the other day… (though she was using humor.)

Needless to say, I turned off the TV mucho muy mas pront-o. Don’t plan to turn it on again anytime soon.


Nothing but slop for the masses. Lowest Common Denominator.

Hollywood: We Excel At Reaching New Lows – Everyday!

I apologize to you Dear Reader. There is some techie stuff happening, and I really should have talked about that..
(Such as: Hacker claims mass bank breach; releases Visa, Mastercard data

More than 79 banks have been breached, claimed a hacker on Twitter. Following a data release on Tuesday, he said he has more than 50 gigabytes of U.S. and foreign bank data in his hands.Read more..)

But I am kind of curious.. am I alone in this feeling? I am the only one turning off the TV? Not going to theaters?

Oh, well. Doesn’t really matter I guess.. How I feel is how I feel. And I felt an urge to get that off my chest. I’d ask for a boycott of this movie.. but I am not so vain as to think anyone would hear, or heed.

I read it had a $70 million budget… and it’s in “3D”. I expect it’ll be a blockbuster.. Maybe THE summer blockbuster.

How sad.

(In RL, and Actual Fact, Abraham Lincoln happens to be one of those Historical Figures well-worth learning more about.)

Today’s Geekspeak: “CGI” = “computer generated imagery”, largely used for “special effects” in video production. (Back in the Dark Ages, they had to make movies without any help from CGI. So they compensated with things like acting, storyline/plot, costumes/wardrobe, and skillful photography.)

Today’s quote:He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.” ~ Sunshine Magazine

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.. 79 banks ..

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