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Wrapping up the week

(And a fun video, for balance)

Here are a few interesting headlines, for your consideration.

The 'Nemanja' POS malware is being used to steal payment cards in a worldwide campaign.

The ‘Nemanja’ POS malware is being used to steal payment cards in a worldwide campaign.

* ‘Nemanja’ POS malware compromises 1,500 devices, half a million payment cards, worldwide

As many as half a million payment cards used in hotels, grocery stores and other business around the world – including in the U.S. – have been compromised by ‘Nemanja,’ a recently discovered piece of malware that has infected nearly 1,500 point-of-sale (POS) devices.Read more..

* For sale: alleged dump of 145M eBay user records

An alleged dump of eBay user records has been made available for purchase, a day after officials at the popular auction and shopping website made the announcement that a breach occurred sometime between late February and early March.Read more..

Apparently, a copy of such a list is worth $700.

* HP To Eliminate Up To 16,000 More Positions

The additional cutbacks come on top of the 34,000 positions that HP was eliminating in connection with a multiyear restructuring plan that was outlined in May 2012.Read more..

.. so.. you want a career in tech?

* Surface Pro 3: The tablet that can replace your laptop

Microsoft has had some problems framing the marketing for the Surface tablets, but “The tablet that can replace your laptop” tagline nails it.Read more..

[Just one problem.. it’s not exactly true. {More true than with an iPad, tho.}]

* State-Owned Chinese Firms Hired Military Hackers for IT Services

“The DOJ’s historic indictment provides some rare insight into China’s cyber espionage operations.Read more..

Saving the best for last department: How to lie, cheat and steal like Snapchat — all the way to the bank

Two weeks ago the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement agreement with Snapchat, formally acknowledging the app lied about user privacy and security, and took user data without consent.
The great thing about users is that you can do anything you want to them, and they can’t refuse. ¹

Snapchat collected the contents of user address books without their consent, and its privacy policy flat-out lied about collecting a user’s location information. Snapchat secretly collected the private user information and shared it with unknown parties. Snapchat promised users their photos disappeared “forever” — an impossible promise that exploits a populace not fully educated about mobile technology’s functions and implementations.Read more..

Saddest part is (it sure seems to me), the people who use Snapchat couldn’t care less about such things.

¹ Anyone using, or thinking of switching to, a “subscription service” should think about that fact …

Today’s quote:Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

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