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Would You Recognize A Scam? Are You Sure?

Scammers, Frauds, Conmen, ID Thieves, Cybercriminals, “Phish“-ers – call them what you will, but they all are attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. (This is called “social engineering” in today’s vernacular.)

The methods they use to trick us are many and varied — would you recognize a well-crafted scam? Could you spot a fake “look-alike” website? What if they mentioned your supervisor’s name and put you on hold and you heard the company musak?

Social Engineering: Eight Common Tactics

Famous hacker Kevin Mitnick helped popularize the term ’social engineering’ in the ’90s, but the simple idea itself (tricking someone into doing something or divulging sensitive information) has been around for ages. And experts say hackers today continue to steal password, install malware or grab profits by employing a mix of old and new tactics.

Here’s a refresher course on some of the most prevalent social engineering tricks used by phone, email and Web.”

Folks, a quick reading recommendation today. This article by Joan Goodchild describes and explains how the cyber-criminals try to trick us. Please Click here to read this terrific primer. (And if you are an employer, you may want to ask your employees to read this too…)

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