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These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

Folks, I need a vacation. The tech headlines are making me jaundiced.

There are some things happening that show just how snafu this thing we call “the Internet” really is.. a house built on sand. For example..

1) This week, one guy almost broke the Internet. How? Why? He didn’t like the fact that some whitehats (good guys) did something that affected his ability to send spam (obviously, a lowlife *scuzbucket*) so he decided to punish them. See, Misconfigured, Open DNS Servers Used In Record-Breaking DDoS Attack

Biggest-ever distributed denial-of-service attack originally aimed at Spamhaus escalates and hits other corners of the Net

This was not your typical hacktivist DDoS attack: a massive, 300 gigabits-per-second traffic attack against volunteer spam filtering organization Spamhaus spread yesterday to multiple Internet exchanges and ultimately slowed traffic for users mainly in Europe.

[ I chose that particular write up due to some stellar quotes cited in it.. ]

And just one more “another item” (there are several recently) …

2) DHS Warns of ‘TDos’ Extortion Attacks on Public Emergency Networks

As if emergency responders weren’t already overloaded: Increasingly, extortionists are launching debilitating attacks designed to overwhelm the telephone networks of emergency communications centers and personnel, according to a confidential alert jointly issued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.”

And the sheep lower their heads and continue to graze. (‘Cuz that Internet, she’s a real money maker! And Facebook is fun!)

I’ll be absent for a few days. I need to recoup.

If you care, Microsoft’s forced “upgrade” to was the straw that has ‘forced’ me to switch from my long-time favorite browser, Firefox, to Opera (with the NotSripts, WOT, AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Gmelius, KeyScrambler, and AdFree YouTube “extensions”).

Oddly, I’ve been using Opera for a week, and haven’t been prompted (read: “interupted & annoyed”) once to “update to the latest version!” … feels weird. Feels nice!

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