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A Quick Smart Phone Survey

Video On Phones – A Usage Survey

Folks, today I would like to ask a favor from those readers who own a smart phone. I hope you will answer this one-question survey. Thank you.

Comments are welcome too.

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July 2, 2010 Posted by | computers | , , , , , , | 4 Comments

What Is Going On With Hotmail?

[Attn: This is an older article. There is an Internet problem today (probably hacker-caused), and Hotmail is one of the domains affected. It should clear itself up soon.]

Yes Folks, you weren’t hallucinating; and no, you haven’t been ‘hijacked’– the good folks at Hotmail Command have just revamped the UI and now it looks different… They’ve given Hotmail a makeover.

Supposedly, it is more “streamlined” and will be “faster”.

But — this is a case of fiddling while Rome burns. There was nothing wrong with Hotmail’s look that a good ad blocker didn’t cure AND, for some reason, in the last couple of weeks Hotmail has been allowing patently obvious spam through to my Inbox.

Which my recent reader survey seems to indicate is a prevalent and pervasive trend. (I think some of the “no” responses came from trolls.)

What I am saying is that Hotmail used to know that “earn at home” and “Rolex watches” in the Subject line = Spam/Junk, but now doesn’t. The filter has lost significant IQ points. (A head injury?)

With Google’s Gmail having such an excellent reputation for spam-catching, combined with the fact that Google has Microsoft dead in its sights (and is winning. see Google’s Dominance Is Your Reward) you would think that Hotmail would strive to do better. Instead, they’re putting lipstick on a bleeding patient.

Tip of the day: I offer up this idea for folks who have both Hotmail and Gmail– forward your Hotmail to the Gmail, and access your mail from there. Gmail’s spam catcher not only works, it’s Best of Breed.

Today’s free download: It used to be that you had to get an “invite” to sign up for Google’s webmail service, but not any more. Click here, and find out why Gmail is hard to beat. (Or, click here, and see what’s new in Gmail {it might surprise you}).

oh.. and by the way Hotmail Command, I don’t like people changing my stuff without my permission.
And I prefer the way it was. I doubt I’m alone in these feelings. Provide a “No Thanks” button, or lose me.

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November 4, 2008 Posted by | advice, computers, e-mail, how to, Internet | , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | 1 Comment

Boycotting the Olympics

Folks, I am boycotting the Olympics this year. I am a bit curious as to how Tech–for Everyone readers are feeling about the games being held in China and so I’ve created a very brief survey. 
Click Here to take survey

I will post the results a little later on.

August 8, 2008 Posted by | Internet | , , , , | 2 Comments

A new look

I have had a hankering to update the look (called a “Theme”) of Tech–for Everyone for a while now, and so today I have finally done so.

Please rest assured that everything that was available previously is still available, and all of my previously posted tweaks, tips, and answers are still available in the Archives and Previous Articles sections (searchable by keywords in the Search box).
Click Here to take survey

Please let me know your thoughts on this change by clicking the survey link, and answering one Yes/No question.

I also invite you to leave your thought as a Comment for others to see. Simply click on the “Comment” link below, or next to the date at the top of the article. Let us know what specifically you like/don’t like.
(You may remain anonymous, and need not fill in the name, e-mail, or URL boxes.)

I thank you all for your input, in advance.

May 7, 2008 Posted by | computers | , , , , , , | 2 Comments