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Why Tech Support Folks Go Crazy

Are you the person your friends and family members call when their computer acts up — yet again? If so, you might appreciate these “humorous” articles. (And those of you who are the ones always calling may want to read them too.. Because, yes: this is what we say about you behind your back… Or, worse.)

The Eight Reasons Your IT/Tech Support Guy Hates You

Working in IT and related fields is a thankless job. The average person seems to believe that anyone working in tech support is just some nerd who must be tolerated when your computer stops working for something that is clearly not your fault.Read more..

Tech Support Hates You

I’ve been doing customer service for quite some years now.  And even though I’m a bit higher up on the totem pole now vs my early years, I still have to deal with the end user quite often.  After a while though, as with many in the IT industry, you start to really hate a lot of the end users out there.  This hatred is focused on either the stupidity of the user, or just the sheer lack of his/her self control.Read more..

And, best for last…

6 Reasons The Guy Who’s Fixing Your Computer Hates You

“So, before I touch your computer, friend who may or may not do me a favor in return for this free repair job, here’s what you should know” … Read more..

Just in case you are thinking you won’t bother to click a link.. this is just one thing you’ll miss:
I know you are computer illiterate, but do you have to be dumb as well?  I swear, when people call tech support lines, their IQ immediately drops to the lower 50′s.  Basic questions like “Is it plugged in?” Are often answered with an “I don’t know.”.  Please! Before you call me, try to think. Read more..

Today’s quotabe quote:Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” ~ George S. Patton

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