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Tips To Enhance Your Security And Privacy When Online

Folks, after hearing – yet again – another sad story, I feel compelled to remind you of some advice for a safer and more secure “online experience”, and – yet again – provide you the How To steps for being a ‘safer surfer’.

First up is a known ratings killer, but perhaps the second most important piece of tech advice I can share with you — passwords. (The first being: if it connects to the Internet, it needs an up-to-date antivirus. Period.) If my storyteller had followed this simple advice, they wouldn’t be so sad.
It’s that simple.

Create strong passwords, and use a different one for each website. These two links will help.

Okay, okay, okay. Tech – for Everyone readers don’t need to be told that. They already know. But perhaps you may want to send those to some of your less-savvy friends and family. Below are some very good items for review.

Protect myself from scams

Protect my personal information

I hate to say it, but the Internet is so dangerous (and has been for several years now) that those who do not know the information provided above have practically no chance of not getting nailed and becoming a victim of crime.. if they haven’t been already.
None, as in “zero”.

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