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Attention all cell phone owners: Important news

Attention all cell phone owners

(well, GSM phone owners, any way..)

Important news: Unlocking Your Cell Phone Is Now Illegal

As of Saturday, it is illegal for you to unlock your phone without permission from your wireless carrier.Read more..

Now, understand, I am not really into all things cellular, but my understanding is: if you ever want to (re)sell your smart phone, or switch it to a different provider’s service, or travel without “roaming charges”, you want an “unlocked” phone. So you may want to call your current provider and request the unlock code before Saturday.
(I also understand, but may very well be wrong, that “unlock”-ing is different than “jailbreak”-ing or “root”-ing. [I’ve never cared to hack a phone.])

And you may want to sign the White House Petition and (try to) get the new law changed, as well (the link is at the bottom of the [referenced] article).

They keep trying…

Um.. One problem: I have not ever Facebooked.

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