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Facebook (and iPad) in the news (Important)

Many of you use Facebook. Yet again, Facebook is changing their “Privacy Policy”.

* Facebook alters privacy policy: Is your personal data now ‘fair game’?

Facebook is making changes to its privacy policy which will change the way you use the site. If you do not like the changes you have until tomorrow to comment. Or you can just delete your account.Read more..

I put ‘Privacy Policy’ in quotes because the founder of Facebook has publicly said he doesn’t think you have any privacy online.. is against the whole notion.
(Makes me glad I never ever even signed up….)

In other news:

* iPad 3 LTE comes to Verizon, and all hell breaks loose

The iPad 3 is going to give a lot of LTE customers “sticker shock” on their billing statements.Read more..

I read the other day that there’s, like, already 10 times more people using cellular data than they have the “infrastructure” for… but are they gonna stop selling tablets/smartphones or discouraging people from signing up? Like they should? Until they build more towers? I think they have a different strategy in mind for discouraging us from ‘streaming’ too much…

(Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry..) Saving Best For Last Department:

* New scam involves PayPal and Western Union

There’s a new variation on the old “Nigerian” or “419″ scam, one that invokes the names of PayPal, Western Union, and the FBI — and the scammers are raking in billions ¹.

Let me introduce you to the way these scum operate — and show you a few tricks that may keep you from adding to their booty..Read more..

(This is a very good read.. even if you think you’re not interested..)

* It seems Google Wave is going bye-bye.. they sent me an email: “This is a reminder that the Wave service will be turned off on April 30, 2012.”



This is kinda fun: Test your reaction time ‘reflexes’ with this simple (and fun) test.. click here and see how many sheep you can dart.

Today’s quote:Hollywood views regular people as children, and they think they’re the smart ones who need to tell the idiots out there how to be.” ~ Trey Parker

¹ emphasis mine

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Dear Valued Customer

Once Again It’s Time To Play Let’s Count The Typos!

from: Deborah White < >
date: Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 2:06 PM

Dear Valued Customer

We are pleased to inform you of the results from our just concluded Western Union Money Transfer/MoneyGram lottery draws. The draws were conducted from an exclusive list of over 3,000,000 details of individuals that have used any of Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram products in the past either by sending money, receiving money or paying other bills through WU/MoneyGram as a means of appreciation and also to encourage new customers.  In all this number, only 20 winners emerged from around the world. No lottery ticket was sold in this lottery, but data of qualified persons were collated from all WU/MoneyGram outlets worldwide.

After the automated computerized ballot, we are pleased to inform you that you emerged as one of our lucky winners in the 3rd category. Though there are some people in 1st category to 5th category. You are to receive a cash prize of US$950, 000.00 (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) only. Your prize award is covered under an insurance bond policy in your name and will be transferred to you upon final verifications of your winning status by our appointed paying bank. And to ensure credibility in this, we have appointed a bank in the UK in paying all winners.

So to get your winning prize you by our appointed bank, you should get in touch with the paymaster of the bank, Mr. Mark immediately via email with your winning Reference number:  WU-MG/9357.12/US

Name:  Mr.  Mark Giles



Ms. Deborah White.
For: Western Union/MoneyGram Promo. USA

Natl Tel/Fax:  440-860-9527

Intl. Tel/Fax: +1-440-860-9527

NOTE: Your winning reference number should not be in anyway disclosed to any one until you have successfully claimed your prize. Any irregular, suspected or multiple claims submitted to the bank shall be cancelled by the paying bank.

It’s in all bold.. and there is an International telephone number.. must be the real deal.. even if I never, ever, not once so much as thought about using Western Union.. right?



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