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Super Bowl On – The Worst

Trying to watch the Super “live” on the Internet (at has been the worst video feed experience I have witnessed to date.

Wow, is it bad. So bad, I’ll go ahead and break policy and use the word “sucks”. Terrible!

I’ll tell you more about the “why” in a bit…

(And before you ask, on fiber, currently testing @ 12 Mbps .)

Note: If anyone else had a different experience with their feed, I’d like to hear it.

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Monday | Top Internet Security Suites | Countdown

Well here we are. Monday again. Today, some “miscellany”.

* A reader wrote and suggested that I start a “countdown to the Holidays” feature.. further suggesting that it go something like, “time to get the tree”; “mail 15 cards today”; and such.

While I welcome reader comments and questions and, yes, even suggestions.. I feel in no way obligated to honor each and every request that may come my way. (Some are outright whacky, as you may be able to imagine.)(Seriously, I do “answer my mail”.) Since I am not a huge fan of “countdowns”, and because I did not think of it myself, I am not going to do a “countdown to the Holidays” feature.
But I thank the writer (you know who you are) for their suggestion.

christmas_decorations-tips * There are a mere 18 days until Christmas arrives. Have you hung any decorations yet? Of all the ideas that come to mind about Christmas decorations for your front door, I particularly recommend the Christmas wreath. See, How to Make an Evergreen Wreath

* Loyal readers will have seen me write that the man I turn to for reliable, trustworthy reviews is Neil J. Rubenking (at PC Magazine). This has been true for .. well, as long as I can remember, really. And, Loyal readers will know that I am constantly urging computing safety and security.
Those two things come together, as Neil has just published his The Best Security Suites for 2011

“The security suites for 2011 are almost all available now, though as always a few companies march to a different schedule. If you need a suite today, read our roundup of 16 of the best (and worst) options, from Ad-Aware to Webroot.”

So, if you want to know how the various vendors stack up against each other, there is the place to look. IMHO.

If you are not interested in a “suite”, but simply want to know the best antivirus, he also has written The Best Antivirus Software for 2011

“We’ve reviewed 20 of the best (and worst) premium and free antivirus applications so that you can pick the right one for your needs—because, make no mistake: you need AV.”

I hope you all noticed the last six words of that?

* There are a mere 18 days until Christmas arrives, and we are smack-dab in the middle of the cyber-criminal’s favorite, and most active, time of year. It is the time to redouble your “paranoid common sense” and triple your vigilance for scams, e-mails links, making sure the payment portal is https://, etc.. Let’s all be safe out there!

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Tech’s Most (and Least) Reliable Brands

When you buy a new PC, camera, printer, or TV, you want a dependable device from a manufacturer that’s committed to supporting its customers. We asked 45,000 readers and found out which companies you can really trust.

To find out out who shines, and who stinks, see Reliability and Service: Technology’s Most (and Least) Reliable Brands

“To obtain some hard data about which vendors have done the best job over the past year, we recently polled approximately 45,000 visitors to, asking them about the mechanical soundness of their tech products–laptop PCs, desktop PCs, HDTVs, digital cameras, and printers–and about the quality of the tech support they received when those products required service.”

(For smartphones, see, The Smartphones You Can Rely On)

Entries must be received before midnight (Pacific) tonight (Thurs. June 24th) so act now!

** A Chance To Win A Valuable Prize! **

Oops!Backup is a ‘time machine’ backup for Windows program that creates “backup revision copies” of the files on your computer.

To enter my license giveaway drawing, please see: Software Giveaway Drawing(s) – Oops!Backup

Enter my current giveaway and (possibly) win!

Entries must be received before midnight (Pacific) tonight so act now!

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Warning! The Worst Virus Ever! (Verified by Snopes!)

Folks — I have written articles advising you to immediately delete these types of e-mails, which are inevitably forwarded to us by well-meaning friends and family. There’s one going around right now, warning about “the worst virus ever! (verified by Snopes!)”.
I think I first saw this particular one in 1996.

Please read my article, SEND THIS E-MAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!, and then please send the link to those friends and family members who show a proclivity to fall for this type of Internet scam. (You know who they are.)

These “warning!” e-mails will contain an image (attachment) which will automatically be downloaded when you open the e-mail (please see, HTML e-mail and image spam) ) which automatically gives the cyber-criminal a matching valid e-mail address and machine/IP address – yours! You don’t need to click any links, you just need to view (open) the message, and the damage is done.

So even though the Subject line may advise “DO NOT DELETE”, go ahead and do so– immediately and unopened. You’ll be protecting your Inbox and Identity. And, need I say it? The “warning” is a bogus fraud, carefully crafted to play off people’s ignorance and fear.

Short version: if you believe these letters, and forward them, you are essentially handing criminals your Contacts list, and your friends and family will get spammed.

Today’s free link: Today’s link is to a bargain shopper’s Website recommended to me by a Loyal Friend and True of Tech–for Everyone. has the steals, online coupons, price comparisons, and forums you’re looking for.

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